Poland : Air, Heat & Energy 2014 Conference

Air, Heat & Energy 2014
Industry Employees to the 14th International Conference

Subject of the Conference 
- Air conditioning, heating and district heating – modern systems of microclimate shaping and heat supply to residwntal, public and industrial buildings.
- Air protection – new technologies, monitoring and danger identification.
- Renewable energy, geothermal energy, energy from waste sources, solar energy and energy gained from other sources.
- Passive buildings.
- New solutions and testing appliances and systems for heating, district heating, heat engineering, air conditioning, sanitary installations and balneotechnology.
- Simulation techniques in HVAC.

The Conference Opening: 26th June 2014. 12AM
The Conference Closing: 29th June 2014. after breakfast.

more info on http://www.airandheat.pwr.wroc.pl/files/AHaE2014EN.pdf

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