Romanian International Conference "Active Smart Buildings: A New Challenge for Energy Auditors"

Main Topics
- Innovative and cost-efficient technologies for NZEBs, Green Buildings, Passive Buildings, Smart & Active Buildings
- Opportunities for the absorption of EU funds for energy efficiency in public and private buildings
- Business models for building refurbishment
- Transition to sustainable buildings and cities
- Energy efficiency, health and comfort in public buildings
- Implementing progress of the EU directives 2010/31/EC, 2012/27/EC and 2009/28/EC
- EU policies and plans to achieve the 20+ targets for energy efficiency and use of RES
- Solutions to strengthen the energy auditor statute and profesionalism
- Status of CEN standards regarding energy performance of buildings
- National programs for thermal refurbishment of residential buildigns: results and perspectives
- Inspection of building facilities under EU Directives

6th June 2014
Asociatia Inginerilor de Instalatii din Romania - Filiala Valahia
Tel-fax: +4

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