The Renewable Energy Market in South-East Europe Gathered at the 6th Edition of RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE

The biggest event on renewable energy and energy efficiency in Romania, RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE proved for the sixth time the importance of renewable energy and scored another success in the area. Since 2008, RENEXPO® creates history and returns each time with news from renewable energy sector.

The event changed its image and location, taking place in the most modern exhibition centre in Romania - EXPOROM - Bucharest, between the 20th - 22nd of November 2013 and presented many products, services, opportunities and energetic solutions on a large scale.

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The Switch delivers variable frequency drive and high-speed motor solution to US-based Coffin Turbo Pump

The Switch, a leading supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages for wind power and other renewable energy applications, successfully commissioned its variable frequency drive (VFD) and high-speed motor solution for Coffin Turbo Pump in New Jersey, USA, enabling exceptional performance in a much smaller package.

The Switch is pleased to announce the introduction of a new high-speed motor that drives a Coffin Turbo Pump boiler feed pump. The prototype tested pump-motor was run at various flows up to 650 gpm (148 m3/hr) and pressures up to 900 psi (62 bar) using a 350 kW motor running at up to 8500 rpm. Available in packages rated up 1550 gpm (352 m3/hr) and pressures up to 2100 psi (144 bar), this motor-pump combination provides exceptional performance in a package much smaller and lighter than the traditional multiple stage or gearbox driven pumps. Additionally, the package features a combined lube system between the pump and motor.

The inclusion of a VFD allows precise speed control of the motor and pump capacity, improving the overall efficiency of the steam plant. It also provides built-in protections such as overcurrent and overspeed functions. Option cards allow integration with an existing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), for remote control capability, using Modbus, Profibus, or other industrial protocols.

The motor-pump combination comes mounted on a common base and is coupled together using a balanced coupling. Fine tuning of the VFD provides very smooth ramp rates, and allows for adjustments throughout the operating range.

“This prototype confirms the value add of using a VFD and high-speed motor solution,” says Jim Kinneary Vice President of Business Development at Coffin Turbo. “The high reliability and performance of this product makes it the best choice for new construction and as a high quality replacement for retrofitting existing on shore or offshore steam plants.”

Intersolar AWARD 2014 Finalists

Intersolar AWARD 2014 Finalists in the category:

4-noks srl
Energy Management System for PV installs at home

AU Optronics Corporation
BenQ Solar AER PM060M01

3-MW-Block Hybrid

CAB Products (Cambria County Association for the Blind and Handicapped)
Cable Rings and Saddles for PV Ground Mount Cable Management

LG Electronics Deutschland GmbH
LG AC Module

SMA Solar Technology AG
SMA Fuel Save Controller

smartflower energy technology GmbH

Steca Elektronik GmbH
Solar MPPT charge controller Steca Tarom MPPT 6000-M

TMEIC Corporation

UAB ViaSolis
ViaSolis DoubleG module with local MPP tracking

Solar Projects in Europe

Sweden Eslöv municipality new solar heated waterpark

Combined heat and power system & PV as a perfect match

City Solarkraftwerk Hölzengraben Kaiserslautern

JinkoSolar Co., Ltd
Isla Plana

KPV Solar GmbH
World's largest In-Roof PV Power Plant

Martifer Solar S.A.
Canal Logistics: Benelux

LTi REEnergy GmbH
Terra nova -  new earth

Solar Projects in North America

Hyder II Solar Power Plant

Princeton Power Systems, Inc.
Reducing Energy Costs and Adding Reliability of the Electric Grid

Solaire Generation, Inc.
Whole Foods Market Solar Carports - Brooklyn, NY

Trina Solar
Oshman Family JCC

First Solar, Inc.
Agua Caliente Solar Project

Electrical energy storage (ees) AWARD 2014 Finalists:
electrical energy storage

AccuSol GmbH / Siemens AG
BESS Battery Energy Storage System


Deutsche Energieversorgung GmbH
Econamic Grid in Combination with SENEC.Home Energystorage

The power gap filler - a Power-to-Gas-to-Power combined power station

Ideal Power, Inc.
30 kW Hybrid PV-Storage Converter (IHC-30kW-480)

International Power Supply Ltd
Exeron MX - the off-grid Beast

REFU Elektronik GmbH
High Efficient Container Storage with CHP-Support

SMA Solar Technology AG
Multicluster Box for Sunny Island

ViZn Energy Systems Inc.
ViZn Z20 Energy Storage System

ReeVOLT! electricity storage system

Renewable Energies in Focus of Attention for the 6th Time at Expo Arad

ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® the biggest renewable energy trade fair in the border triangle between Romania-Hungary-Serbia together with the 2nd edition of PV Platform Romania - the meeting point for the PV sector, gathered for the 6th time experts and decision makers in the area. The event took place between the 9th-11th of April 2014 at Expo Arad.

"The renewable energy sector is in a tranzition and maturation phase and this situation inevitably leaves a mark on those working in the sector. Despite the decline of investments in renewable energy sector, there are optimistic signs showing that the sector remains attractive in Romania. The 6th edition of ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA® fair together with the 2nd edition of PV Platform Romania brought into visitors attention new and innovative topics in the area. The event hosted 55 exhibitors from 7 European countries on an exhibition area of about 1500m², which were visited by 1150 professionals in the field." said Timea Szanto, Project Manager of the event.

At the opening ceremony there were present Levente BOGNAR, Deputy of Arad,Gheorghe SECULICI, President Arad Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Adrian DIMACHE, General Secretary, Italian - Romanian Chamber of Commerce.

The event was supported by important partners such as: Arad City Hall, AREL- Romanian Association of Electricians, IPA/ EEN- Enterprise Europe Network, CCIPR-Camera di Commercio Italiana per la Romania,  Center of Excellence for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environment-CERE, Romanian National Lighting Committee and Partners for Local Public Administration - APL Bucharest.

In parallel with the trade fair specialised conferences and workshops were organised. The themes discussed during these events were: solar energy, wood energy, energy efficiency, PV, biogas, cogeneration and LED litghting. The conferences and the workshops gathered during the 3 days of the event over 400 national and international participants from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Italy and Romania. There were presented over 70 papers by important representatives of the industry.

In November this year, REECO invites you to the 7th edition of the biggest trade fair on renewable energy and energy efficiency in Romania, RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, that will take place between the 19th-21st of November 2014, at the Palace Hall in Bucharest.

For more information about ENREG ENERGIA REGENERABILA®, you can visit the trade fair website

EFdeN house for Decathlon Europe 2014 start in Baneasa Shopping City parking from Bucharest

On April 4, EFdeN called to be in Baneasa Shopping City parking from Bucharest all those who have been with this project for Decathlon Europe 2014.

You can see a movie at the start of the project.


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Short presentation  :

Frimu Ghinea

Biomass, Biogas Cogeneration & Romania 2014

On May 8, 2014 at Hotel Intercontinental in Bucharest, starting at 9:00, will be held the conference "Biomass & Biogas Cogeneration Romania 2014", a first for Romania in terms of biomass energy and cogeneration plants.

The event is organized by the GOVNET those who get in the spotlight, the conferences we organize, green energy issues and trends in Romania.

So far they have been installed 65 MW of installed green energy from biomass in Romania. Conference "Biomass & Biogas Cogeneration Romania 2014" aims to be an interactive platform for debate.

Frimu Ghinea

New number of Green Energy from Romania are online

New number of Green Energy from Romania are online

CHP - Jetrun EnergoEco : Wolf CHP Solutions GmbH in sewage treatment plants in Romania
EVENT EXPO - New technologies and social responsibility programs - headlining the Fairs and ROMMEDICA ROMENVIROTEC
EVENT EXPO - TNI Green Home Pavilion - Exhibition of solutions and projects for green homes
SOLAR PANELS - Agulhas -Solar : Asolar - your supplier of high quality solar panels !
ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Oventrop " R- Tronic " - a room climate improvement and energy saving with minimal investment
Invert - Fronius Symo - Maximum flexibility for applications hold me
REFURBISHMENT - RETROFIX : Improving life in block
ENERGY PLANTS - GREEN Paulownia Romania : Harnessing land by growing Paulownia
SOLAR - K2 Systems GmbH Creative Mounting Systems for Innovative People
EVENT EXPO - Govnet Conferences : Biomass , the next trend in green energy sector
Biomass boilers - Thermostahl : Preparations heating renewable energy sources
Theoretical - Mathematical model of inverter and PQ capability curve

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21.5 million euro for grants in Slovenia

Eco Sklad subsidy program funded from Slovenian Environmental Public Fund was taken at the end of February 2014. This year the beneficiaries are assigned to 21.5 million euros.

As in previous years grant amount is 150 euro/sqm flat solar panels and 200 euro/sqm for the vacuum tube. However, we have a limitation related to the maximum grant can not exceed 3000 euros for an installation.

More information can be found on the program page

Frimu Ghinea

CEZ want to sales the largest onshore wind farm from Europe

Several pension funds have shown interest in acquiring a part in the wind farm in Fântânele - Cogealac owned by CEZ , estimated at 1.1 billion euros said Mr Tomas Pleskac, foreign operations division director of the largest utility companies in Central Europe.

CEZ has yet to decide the size of the sales will how be sold or will make such a transaction, said Tomas Pleskac, member of the Board of the utility company. Czech state holds a 70 % to CEZ .

"We are certainly prepared to sell (even a 100 % ). We will not refuse good offers. We have a strict timetable should not sell this is a possibility, if it is attractive for us, we'll use if it is not attractive, we will not use it " he told to journalists.

CEZ wind farm in Fântânele - Cogealac ( Romania ) is the largest onshore in Europe and has a capacity of 600 MW. The wind farm is equipped with 240 wind turbines manufactured by General Electric and required a total investment of 1.1 billion euros. CEZ acquired the project in 2008, from the developer Continental Wind Partners .

Frimu Ghinea

Poland - XIV International Scientific and Technical Conference - Forum of Power Engineers GRE 2014

On 16-18 June 2014 in Szczyrk ( Congress Centre and Recreation "Eagle's Nest" ) will be held X IV International  Scientific and Technical Conference - GRE Power Engineers Forum in 2014.

The main objective of the Conference is to share experiences of industry and science, to present the achievements and developments of energy, promotion of opportunities for learning, life with particular emphasis on the progress in the construction and operation of energy systems and the presentation of achievements of scientific research and implementation resulting in four research tasks carried out in the under the Strategic Programme for Research and Development entitled. "Advanced technologies for energy".

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