CEZ want to sales the largest onshore wind farm from Europe

Several pension funds have shown interest in acquiring a part in the wind farm in Fântânele - Cogealac owned by CEZ , estimated at 1.1 billion euros said Mr Tomas Pleskac, foreign operations division director of the largest utility companies in Central Europe.

CEZ has yet to decide the size of the sales will how be sold or will make such a transaction, said Tomas Pleskac, member of the Board of the utility company. Czech state holds a 70 % to CEZ .

"We are certainly prepared to sell (even a 100 % ). We will not refuse good offers. We have a strict timetable should not sell this is a possibility, if it is attractive for us, we'll use if it is not attractive, we will not use it " he told to journalists.

CEZ wind farm in Fântânele - Cogealac ( Romania ) is the largest onshore in Europe and has a capacity of 600 MW. The wind farm is equipped with 240 wind turbines manufactured by General Electric and required a total investment of 1.1 billion euros. CEZ acquired the project in 2008, from the developer Continental Wind Partners .

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