The Switch delivers variable frequency drive and high-speed motor solution to US-based Coffin Turbo Pump

The Switch, a leading supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages for wind power and other renewable energy applications, successfully commissioned its variable frequency drive (VFD) and high-speed motor solution for Coffin Turbo Pump in New Jersey, USA, enabling exceptional performance in a much smaller package.

The Switch is pleased to announce the introduction of a new high-speed motor that drives a Coffin Turbo Pump boiler feed pump. The prototype tested pump-motor was run at various flows up to 650 gpm (148 m3/hr) and pressures up to 900 psi (62 bar) using a 350 kW motor running at up to 8500 rpm. Available in packages rated up 1550 gpm (352 m3/hr) and pressures up to 2100 psi (144 bar), this motor-pump combination provides exceptional performance in a package much smaller and lighter than the traditional multiple stage or gearbox driven pumps. Additionally, the package features a combined lube system between the pump and motor.

The inclusion of a VFD allows precise speed control of the motor and pump capacity, improving the overall efficiency of the steam plant. It also provides built-in protections such as overcurrent and overspeed functions. Option cards allow integration with an existing SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), for remote control capability, using Modbus, Profibus, or other industrial protocols.

The motor-pump combination comes mounted on a common base and is coupled together using a balanced coupling. Fine tuning of the VFD provides very smooth ramp rates, and allows for adjustments throughout the operating range.

“This prototype confirms the value add of using a VFD and high-speed motor solution,” says Jim Kinneary Vice President of Business Development at Coffin Turbo. “The high reliability and performance of this product makes it the best choice for new construction and as a high quality replacement for retrofitting existing on shore or offshore steam plants.”

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