First Solar Power Station on the Elementary School in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Guided by the fact that the sun is the source of life and the children are our future , we decided to connect these two. We made the first solar - photovoltaic power plant on the elementary school in Sarajevo.This is the first project of this type in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The preparatory work as well as the setting up the construction is done by the youngest - students of the primary school " Mesa Selimovic " .

Through the work on this power plant children had the opportunity to learn all about solar installations . Now they know how to prepare a roof for the installation, what are the photovoltaic modules, how people can generate electricity and hot water , but in a natural and environmentally way.

The school is located in an urban type of the Sarajevo , in the central neighborhood of the city of Sarajevo , and residents from the surrounding residential buildings had the opportunity to follow the work of the installations of the plant and they left so many positive comments about this job on their Facebook profile. Confirmation of positive views on the project is the fact that they are interested to be involved in works related to the renewable energy sources.

Installed power plant on the roof of this school is of 23kW. Beside that, in the school is set hybrid boiler which provides hot water. Here is how the system works:  when the boiler is filled with hot water , then solar panels provide electricity for the school building , installed capacity of 2kW , with a possibility of extension to higher capacities up to 100 % of energy needs the school building.The total investment for the installation of solar plant on the school building was 100,000 BAM, and it is estimated that the plant will annually make a profit of 20,000 BAM. The capacity of this plant is 25 kW , of which two will be used for the needs of school. The rest will be directed to a Power supply network which  is sufficient for approximately 20 households.

Zlatko Petrovic - Minister of Physical Planning and Environment Protect of Canton Sarajevo, believes that the state needs to stimulate renewable energy sources.

Alem Kukić, Director of Elementary School " Mesa Selimovic " noted that the school should get the new eaves , in order to have double lower electricity bill .  We are hoping that some organizations will help us to help school and childrens by fixing their eaves.

The project was completed last month and the plant is officially put into operation on the 25.4.2014. and now the students know more about solar energy , and what is more important they use it for their own purposes .

The state in which I live is quite behind the rest of the world. People are afraid to try new things.I wanted to show them that nature is the greatest friend of mankind, through the sun and water. I've reached the  goal despite obstacles . In one undeveloped country , I have developed an awareness of solar energy , the production of electricity in an environmentally and natural way.

People have realized this project as a positive . To this end, I cite the fact that I was, in a short period of time after the implementation of this project , contacted by many other schools who liked this idea  and would like to run the same project on their properties and thus provide some energy for their own needs and spend a clean solar energy.

Students are quite educated in this field , and with projects installed in their facilities have the opportunity every day to improve and expand their knowledge . We gave one module to Facuty of Electrical Engineering in Sarajevo, so now we have volunteers from the university , students who want their knowledge gained in the cabinet to expand by working directly on projects that the company is developing in the future.

The next goal is to expand the plant on this  school to reach a hundred percent savings. The plan of the company is to expand identical projects on other school facilities because we are the only company in Bosnia and Herzegovina which launched this initiative and we want to take advantage of the following projects because we believe that they will be easier to implement since we first realized this positively.

In the end the message: You have to take risks if you're sure it's the right decision. You can not discover new lands, unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. If you believe in yourself and what you do, and you are persistent enough in your work, the goal is guaranteed.

Team EKO-SAN d.o.o. Sarajevo

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EKO-SAN d.o.o. Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Winners of the Energy Globe Award 2014 for BIH.

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