Poland : XIV International Scientific and Technical Conference - Forum of Power Engineers GRE 2014

On 16-18 June 2014 in Szczyrk ( Congress Centre and Recreation "Eagle's Nest" ) will be held X IV  International  Scientific and Technical Conference - GRE Power Engineers Forum in 2014.

The main objective of the Conference is to share experiences of industry and science, to present the achievements and developments of energy, promotion of opportunities for learning, life with particular emphasis on the progress in the construction and operation of energy systems and the presentation of achievements of scientific research and implementation resulting in four research tasks carried out in the under the Strategic Programme for Research and Development entitled : "Advanced technologies for energy".

Research task No. 1
Development of technology for highly efficient "zero-emission" coal-fired units with integrated capture CO 2 from flue gas (consortium leader - Silesian University of Technology); Prof. Tadeusz Chmielniak,

Research Task No. 2
Development of oxygen combustion technology for pulverized coal boilers and fluidized integrated with capture of CO 2 (the leader of the consortium - Czestochowa University of Technology); Prof. Wojciech Nowak

Research Task No. 3
Development of coal gasification technology for highly efficient production of fuels and electricity (the leader of the consortium - University of Mining and Metallurgy. St. Staszic); prof. nzw. Andrew Strugała

Research Task No. 4
Development of integrated technology of fuels and energy from biomass, agricultural waste and other (leader of the consortium - Institute of Turbomachinery them. Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences). Prof. John Kicinski.

Purposeful is to coordinate the activities carried out in the Operational Programme Innovative Economy , in particular, with the theme of "pre-drying lignite for energy purposes" (the leader of the consortium - Wroclaw University of Technology); Prof. nzw. Pawlak Halina-Kruczek.

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