Romania : Green House program restart

Attila KORODI , Minister of Environment and Climate Change , held on May 20 press conference which focused on presenting the current state of CASA VERDE Program and other programs run by the MMSC and the Environment Fund Administration.

We present further supported by the Minister Attila KORODI speech at the conference :

"Hello, welcome !
Since taking this office have announced that one of my priorities is to unlock and complete certain programs run by the Ministry of Environment which for various reasons is currently blocked in certain phases.

In such a situation there is and Casa Verde program , we will talk about today . As some of you probably remember , I even launched the program at the end of 2008 , in my first term as Minister of the Environment. It is a program that take a lot and enjoyed , at that time an important support from the authorities , civil society and public opinion .

So in session for applications open from 1 June to 15 July 2011 were submitted a total of 23 938 cases . Of these 14 162 cases were analyzed and 9,776 are still under analysis. I decided to be urgently reviewed these cases .

Right now , the analysis and evaluation of dossiers submitted menus in order of their arrival at the Environmental Fund Administration , from local environmental agencies .

Lists of approved projects and those rejected will be displayed on the AFM website under Funding Guide . I can tell you that the files reviewed , 11 509 were accepted and 2,653 were rejected.

Thus, for 5,674 beneficiaries, contracts were signed in 2011 and 2012 , and are currently being paid. Of these, so far have been settled a number of claims in 5347 totaling 32.2 million. For the rest of 5835 beneficiaries, contracts will be signed from this week . All applicants will be contacted by the authorities of the territory, in order to contract .

That means that Casa Verde program in progress , this year will shrink funding for 13,000 citizens.

As stated in the rules , the grant agreement enters into force upon its signature by the Parties and is valid until the end of the project , but no later than 12 months from the date of signature. Our goal is that a large number of beneficiaries to obtain financing . We are aware that due to the large amount of time the program has stalled, there will be some discrepancies .

Therefore, we will certainly encounter all too many cases where the initial project will not meet the needs of beneficiaries , market or technological solutions .

All those who wish to modify or re-size project we will provide this capability. Each case will be treated individually , so each installed system efficiency is maximized.

We're talking about a program that , in addition to the clear benefits of environmental protection and reduce heat consumption brings a certain advantage directly into the pocket beneficiaries translated cuts heating bill .

When launching the program in 2008 , talking about a savings of up to 30% on heating and 60 % warm water beneficiaries . Today, given that the available technologies are more efficient , the cost savings will certainly be higher.

Regarding the future of Casa Verde program , my desire is clear that this program continue. Once we complete all the files in the analysis, we will decide when we will launch a new call for proposals . I can not yet tell you with certainty that we have a new call this year or next year talk . This depends on the programming of ongoing funding , and the rate of earnings from the Environment Fund. The fact is that the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change , the Environment Fund has the resources to finance investments to benefit the environment and citizens. In this context we refer to other types of projects , such as those for the construction of environmental infrastructure : water supply network and sewage treatment plants .

At present , we have 177 projects ongoing water and sanitation throughout Romania , in various stages of implementation. The total value of these projects is approximately one billion lei , of which 305 million 2014 budget is the amount of water and sewage projects under way .

In addition, this year we have the ability , through a loan commitment of £ 300 million to the fund still about 70 new such investments. These projects are particularly important because they have a double effect: the highest degree of quality of life in communities and contribute to their development , creating jobs - some of them stimulate and increase the number of jobs "green" .

Moreover , Romania's target , agreed with the European Commission regarding the percentage of water and sewerage connection to Romanian households need to approach one hundred percent.

As I said, our goal is to complete all projects in progress. Therefore I appeal to the beneficiaries , local authorities , to comply with the procedures and submit as quickly to new requests for drawing . I will personally ensure that they are resolved quickly and delays will not be tolerated .

Regarding new projects already under development have a medium-term strategy on projects to finance the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change , the Environment Fund Administration . We perform analyzes and studies on which to identify the exact needs of the local communities have, so that we can propose projects with a positive impact on a large number of citizens . "

Frimu Ghinea 

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