Visegrád Group + 3 discuss about environment

The agenda were the areas of air quality, biodiversity and climate change. Discussions were held in the context of EU-level is preparation and discussion of important legislative proposals in the areas mentioned .

EU member states which are part of the extended Visegrad format agreed on some common elements that are supported in the preparation of these legislative proposals. Air quality package adopted in December 2013 by the European Commission Council is in discussion .

"Knowledge and regulating quantities of substances emitted into the atmosphere are  fundamental in the development of environmental policies . Therefore , Romania supports the efforts of the EU, which will allow further progress in achieving long-term protection of the atmosphere and in ensuring clean air "said Romanian Minister Korodi showing that Romania can support setting emission ceilings for 2030 , but they should be less restrictive and reflect the economic possibilities of each Member State.

The ministers present agreed that V4 + countries to take joint measures to ensure that
Emission limit values ​​for combustion plants of medium size (1-50 MW) are determined in a way that does not impose undue administrative burdens and costs.

Discussions focused on the biodiversity Regulation of European Parliament and of the Council amending Directive 2001/18/EC , the possibility for Member States to restrict or prohibit the cultivation Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in their territory.

Frimu Ghinea

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