ESTIF information are correct?

Recently ESTIF publish his new estimations about European thermal market. We publish some info about that hire : . Start from the numbers can see one decrease of the thermal market with more of 10%.  That is a fact.

My questions is about dimension of estimation from some countries. For example solar market in Croatia seems to be bigger like the market in Cyprus but in fact we have big difference.

In Croatia peoples don't have the same income like in Cyprus, also solar thermal industry isn't sow popular like in the small island. Sow ...for wat reason both have almost the same market?  I think is just because for Croatia we don't have correct information from the market.

In my opinion is important to have this information. Don't care if the number are perfectly or have some optimistic view. In this moment only ESTIF can make this hard work to make estimation for all solar thermal market from Europe.

Mihai Vintila


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