Turkey : ICCI 2014 Energy Oscar Awards

The Energy Oscars, presented to promote the relentless efforts and progresses in the energy field, the third of which was given last year, within the frame of ICCI 2013 for the third time, will find their new winners for the fourth time, in a ceremony that is going to be held in Ankara in September 2014.

The Energy Oscars presented to promote the services given and contributions made to the Energy Sector, which has become one of the most important topics in the world, aim at encouraging the projects and services for the future. Within the scope of the Energy Oscars 2014, "Power Plants" and "R&D Projects" are going to be honoured.

Also presented to support the investments in the renewable energy sector, the Energy Oscars will have projects competing in Wind, Hydroelectricity, Geothermal, Biomass, Waste and Solar Power fields in the "Renewable Energy Power Generation" category, whereas Natural Gas, Coal and Residual Heat projects will compete in the Thermal Power Generation category. R&D projects on the other hand, will be evaluated among the applicants.

Applications will be evaluated by the members of the oscar prizes jury, by giving points to measurable criteria, and the power plants receiving the highest score in each category will be awarded.

Following the ICCI 2014 – International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference, in a ceremony to be held in September 2014, with the participations of the authorities from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, high level public sector officials, numerous academic and non-governmental organisation representatives, and the leading professionals of the energy sector, the new Oscars will be presented.

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