Decathlon Europe 2014. Romanian participation

At Paris ended Decathlon Europe 2014 competition where 20 teams participated in the competition. Was also five teams outside competition were 6 demonstration teams. From June 28 until July 14 teams was present in the Solar Versailles. Idea of competition appeared in the US in 2002 and then was taken over by Europe. Every two years there is a competition between universities, with companies support to develop concepts for low-energy houses.

This year Romania was represented in the competition by EFDEN (Politehnica University Bucharest) and the reserve team RETROFIX (Politehnica University of Timisoara). As you can see from the competition graphs Bucharest team ranked 19 out of 20 participants. This ranking was mainly due to the time of building of house, the team not benefit by professional help, as other teams in the competition had. Another weakness of the building was regarding his ability to adapt to urban location and to be transported. Basically Roman construction can not easily disassemble and transport, in the opinion of the jury.

These two major weaknesses have led the EFDEN team in this low place. It's good though that the other chapters were the average scores attained competition which shows that the idea and its implementation is reliable when you have a strong logistical support.

Second Romanian team, RETROFIX  ranked three of the five reserves that the show preparation and attention this team showed to project. It should also be noted that the winner team, that of Rome was also the one who received the highest bonus score in the competition which has propelled her the first-place.

Beyond the technical data, the tension and dissatisfaction, important is the fact that Romania by the two participating teams was at the highest level of European competition both in terms of education, the participating universities and in terms of technology used by partners companies.

These two projects will continue to be presented to the public through exhibitions.

In Paris for two weeks these 26 homes wos visited by more than 80,000  experts, students and teachers. They was also the attention of local public interest in alternative energy.

For the next European competition from 2016 four new teams have already announced aparticipations but also others in the intent to do so. Still there is a long time but until then, soon will be established the location of the 2016 competition.

Mihai Vintila

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