Energy Week in Armenia

At the beginning of July in Yerevan was Energy Week, event organized by Armenia's Renewable Resources and Energy Efficiency Found with participation of Minister of Energy and Natural Resources from Armenia , Mr Yervand Zakharyan. Idea of week was to show to peoples the new legislative reforms, financing opportunities and new technology from the alternative industry.

In the fair organized with this occasion was companies involved in this new industry from Armenia. For the general public was important to see new technology and make discussion with specialists or local distributors.

Mr Yervand Zakharyan told to the press " we plan to hold a great discussion at the Ministry in the near future related to the renewable energy. During that we will try to understand what the situation is in the world and what tasks we have to do. I'm in favor of the development of solar and wind energy, witch can contribute to the increase of the country's energy resources".

Frimu Ghinea

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