Accelerating renewable energy development for reduction of energy dependence of Europe. European Energy Security Forum

IBCentre (Innovative Business Centre) in cooperation with Energy Watch Group will keep in 26 September 2014 in Brussels ( Belgium ) at  Steigenberger Grandhotel, “Accelerating renewable energy development for reduction of energy dependence of Europe” European Energy Security Forum.

EuroSEF-2014 Highlights:

- New road map for Europe: how to achieve „energy independence“ from the world leading energy experts
- State energy strategy in force-majeure conditions: how to make provision of energy in terms of disaster, war or any other non-traditional situation
- Discussion panel on Ukraine.  Solving  ’Ukrainian energy dependence puzzle‘: the real sources for Russian natural gas and nuclear power substitution
- What can markets, governments and business offer for fast running renewable's?

You can see the speakers : .!speakers/c1mik


8:00 Registration and Welcoming Coffee

9:00 SESSION 1. Opening Keynote.
Building a strong energy security system of Europe

Welcome Keynote: Hans-Josef Fell, President of the Energy Watch Group, Conference Chairmen
Welcoming Speeches & remarks
9:00 SESSION 1. How to Turn Europe into “the World’s Number One in Renewable Energies” Solving Strategic Question of Energy Security?

Opening Keynote.  New renewable energy road map for Europe

·Policy and governmental support of renewable energy for energy security of Europe: what should be changed and how?              
·New Energy Security Strategy of EU: should renewables play more important role than the strategy offers now?
·Germany: new era of renewable energy development. How the new German Renewable Energy Act (EEG 2014) will influence on support of electricity production  from renewable energy sources?
·Analysis of existing supporting schemes for renewables: should they be transformed and how?

10:00 SESSION 2. Building a Strong Energy Security System on the Eastern Border of Europe by dint of Renewable Energy

·Role of Renewables for Energy Security on the Eastern Border of Europe
·Building of sustainable energy industry in Poland
·How Georgia can become more energy independent by accelerating renewables development?
·New governmental policy for renewable energy development in Moldova
·Turkish renewable energy miracle: creating opportunities for the industry development and new basis for the state’s energy security
·Slovenian way to the energy independence through renewables development

10:40 SESSION 3. The Other Side of  Energy Security Provision
How Much Europe Can Rely on Different Types of Energy in Force Majeure Conditions

- What can be done today to minimize the risks of energy supply and how to protect European consumers from energy starvation? Overview of projects, potential energy-exporters and risks connected with them.

- The strategy of State energy in force majeure conditions: how to make a provision of energy in terms of disaster, war or any other non-traditional situation. How reliable  the renewables are in terms of force majeure situation?

- Myths and reality about gas supplies from the U.S. to Europe: what kind of support can Europe expect from USA in energy sector?

- Strategic storage of energy sources: how to increase effectiveness of EU policy on storage infrastructure development? And how to implement the strategic storage of energy from renewable sources?

11:40 Networking Coffee-Break

12:00 SESSION 4. Discussion panel.  Solving  ’Ukrainian energy dependence puzzle‘: Russian Natural Gas and Nuclear Power Substitution with Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

- How does Ukraine depend on Russian supply of natural gas today: real figures of consumption, real consumers of ‚Russian gas‘, real prices, who and how pay for Russian gas in Ukraine?
- How to reduce gas dependence in different spheres of Ukrainian economy
- Ukrainian policy in energy efficiency: whether the national legislation and state program lead to reduction of conventional energy resources consumption?
- The place and the potential of renewable sources in Ukrainian energy industry today: how Ukraine is changing the system of renewables state support?
- Cancellation of local component requirements for construction of renewable energy plants in Ukraine - which new opportunities it brings into the market?
- Renewable Energy Strategy of Ukraine vs. Energy Strategy of Ukraine. Now, when both conceptions will be reconsidered, what should be taken into account?
- Biogas vs Natural gas: how much big agrarian companies of Ukraine will be able to satisfy energy needs of Ukrainian consumers?

13:30 Networking luncheon

14:30 SESSION 5. What Can Business Offer for Renewables Fast Running to Protect Energy Starvation in Industrial and Municipal Sectors

How big European energy consumers from industrial sector can use less fossil fuels and become more independent in choosing the sources of energy supply?

What does it take for manufacturers to be carbon neutral for generation?

15:45 Afternoon refreshments

16:00  SESSION 6. (Final Discussion Panel)  Return of Supporting Mechanisms for Renewables in the Political Agenda of European States

Heads of Associations, officials and European Parliament members discuss the initiatives how to solve the energy security questions, to accelerate development of different sectors of renewable energy in Europe.

-The new and real renewable energy targets in energy mix (27% until 2030 or more?)
-Supporting mechanisms for further renewable energy development – how they could be transformed? Should they be common for the EU states and different depending on the type of renewables?
-What should be the first steps of new EC President for turning the Europe into “the world’s number one” in renewables?
-Creation of the new market for energy/electricity with well-defined rules may take a lot of time and affords. How to choose the right and fast way to secure energy supply by dint of renewables?
-How to regulate the import of renewable energy/electricity by the members of the EU and how to secure the import of renewable energy/electricity outside of EU?
-How to make the price for electricity from renewables more affordable for consumers?

17:55 Closing remarks

Roadmap for Energy Security of Europe with a Greater Inclusion of Renewable Energy
Hans-Josef Fell, The President of Energy Watch Group, Conference Chairman
18:00 Evening Reception in Café Wiltcher's

At EuroSEF will be on table the question of speed development of renewables in Europe.
For more information about EuroSEF visit

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