Armenia - first discussion about solar energy tariff

Head of Tariff Policy Department of the Commission Mr Garegin Baghramyan discuss with local media about government intention to build 30 megawatt electric power station and on base of this investment to set up the tariff for solar electricity.

"The decision of the tariff depends on the end of the program. Due to the volume of credit investments and financing, it will be possible to sum up and mention what will be the price. In case of solar energy the main component is involved capital. At this moment the optimal tariff, which can reach to AMD 50-70 ( o.o9 - 0.13 euro ), but in the case of tow or three years before after building the station the tariff would be about AMD 180 ( 0.33 euro ). the delay of the tariff is conditioned by this factor" say Baghramyan to Armenian press.

Frimu Ghinea

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