Attila KORODI, Minister for Environment and Climate Change from Romania, speech at the XXII edition of Focus Energy Conferences

Minister for Environment and Climate Change from Romania, Attila KORODI attended, at he beginning of august, at the XXII edition of Focus Energy Conferences from Bucharest, Romania which had the theme "Financing energy investment in terms of new national and European vision".

Introducing further a speech on this occasion, the Minister Attila KORODI:

"Ladies and Gentlemen,
Distinguished guests
Dear organizers,

Thank you for the invitation to participate in this debate on a subject very pragmatic and applied.

We like it or not, climate change phenomena more bluntly tell their word nowadays. The recent floods in Romania and in the region are, if you will, the most obvious evidence that the effects of climate change more intense! On the other hand, these effects are for years why global strategic meetings, which rethink the technologies, approaches and smart solutions with minimal environmental impact.

According to the latest inventory of greenhouse gas emissions in Romania 57% of greenhouse gas emissions are the result tonight production and use of energy. When referring to the entire European continent, electricity, heat and transport more than 80% of greenhouse gases. With these data Europe remains one of the world regions that emit the most carbon, this time going beyond just China and the United States.

Therefore ladies and gentlemen, because Focus Energy invites us to talk about investments in energy and the new vision - I can tell you that the power system is the solution turning green growth requires massive investment in renewable energy, smart grids and energy efficiency.

From this point of view, Romania has made progress accelerated pace. Looking at the numbers, they speak for themselves. Last year the total production of green energy was over 22.3 Terra Watt hours, with a total installed electricity capacity of 4,350 MW generation units.

Development of this sector over the last 10 years is spectacular. Pioneering green energy production in Romania, in 2005, was represented by only three manufacturing facilities, namely two wind turbines and micro-hydro.

Therefore, based on the huge potential of Romania to produce green energy, the team of specialists from the Ministry of Environment has sought solutions to meet the authorities and investors.

Thus, in 2006-2008, in my first term at the helm of this ministry, we promoted sun and wind map, a tool that has proven to be a first step in developing this sector.

The results were immediate and, in late 2009, we already had 31 plants producing renewable energy.

From here, we can speak of a real boom in this sector; in 2011 there were already 82 plants.

Their number has almost doubled in 2012, reaching 151 and the greatest increase was recorded late last year when they were already in 559 units deliver green energy system.

If we refer to the sources from which these plants produce energy at the end of 2013 in Romania were functional 14 biomass plants, 73 wind turbines and 77 production units from water. By far the most spectacular increase was recorded in the manufacturing sector but solar sources. If the level of 2012, there were 41 such units functional, last year there were no less than 395 photovoltaic installations.

Thus, in the year 2013, the share of electricity from renewable sources in gross electricity consumption total reached 40%. This development has made us the green champions of Europe right now fulfilling our European targets set for 2020.

Even if the numbers look very good today, potential green energy is not utilized to the fullest. To maintain this rapid pace of recovery investors providing new financing solutions.

We agreed at European level at least a 20% of the Structural Funds for 2014-2020 to be oriented towards action on climate change.

Therefore, the EU budget plays a key role in promoting climate-relevant actions in all sectors of the European economy.

One of the six operational programs, the Operational Programme Infrastructure Mare (POIM) proposes action in four areas:

• transport infrastructure
• Environment
• risk management and adaptation to climate change
• energy and energy efficiency

Specific energy sector, promote investment POIM future role in the efficient use of limited natural resources.

In this regard, the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the World Bank menus already a technical assistance program that covers an important component in determining investment priorities.

Following the evaluation, the experts have already established these axes investment to reduce the impact of climate change in this sector. These relate to:

• modernization of the distribution network;
• Upgrading communal heating systems economically viable;
• Thermal rehabilitation of residential buildings constructed during the period 1950-1990;
• Reducing energy intensity in the manufacturing industries of steel and chemicals;

Romania also has available funding opportunities through the LIFE program, with a chapter for climate change. 2014-2020 LIFE Programme purpose is to act as a catalyst for better implementation and integration of environmental and climate objectives.

Specifically, we're talking about projects such as:

• flood risk management;
• Drought management in water-scarce regions;
• planning and establishment of urban and rural areas of natural water retention measures;
• development of new models for the transition to a green economy.

On June 18 launched the call for submission of projects LIFE and Romanian beneficiaries will have to submit project proposals by 16 October 2014 These proposals will be submitted directly to the European Commission, following the analysis to be done by specialists there.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Climate change force us to change our views! Of course, visions of us need well thought out and planned investments.

Therefore, to ensure adequate and consistent absorption of EU funds in the 2014-2020 financial year is required at institutional cooperation and writing projects so as to meet targets Romania entered the European and national level.

From my point of view, however, we are able to overcome these targets, as, indeed, we have shown already.

Thank you! "

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