Romania: Green energy installed capacity could increase by 57%

The installed capacity in renewable energy production units would increase by 57.4% next year, from 4,350 MW to nearly 7,000 MW, as authorities estimated.

Last year, the installed capacity in renewable energy certified power plants by the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) to promote green certificates system reached 4,350 MW from 2,300 MW in 2012, with 1,000 MW more than the authorities expected.

This year, authorities anticipate that will be put into operation 1,400 MW, and next year will add another 1,100 MW to a total of 6,850 MW.

"The capabilities mentioned were considered the breakdown of production technology and capacity factors resulting from the analysis of monitoring" according to background note of a draft government decision drawn up by the Romanian Department of Energy and Ministry of Economy.

Frimu Ghinea

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