10th Internationa ENERGY FAIR Belgrade, Serbia

Between 13 and 16 October 2014 will be held in Belgrade, Serbia, 10th international Energy Fair. In this fair will be show products from eletric power industry, coal, gas and oil, renewable energy sources and energy efficency.

Exibit range in details:

Hydroelectric and Thermoelectric Power Plants, Cogeneration, Design, Construction and Maintenance of Power Facilities, Transmission and Distribution Network, Electric Power System Management.

Excavation and Loading Technologies, Geological Prospecting, Refinement and Processing, Transportation, Homogenizing, Production Process and Quality Management.

Research and Production, Refinery and Petrochemical Processing, Transportation, Research and Production Equipment and Devices, Refinery and Petrochemical Processing Equipment and Devices, Oil Derivative Production, Oil and Oil Derivative Transportation, Storing and Trading, Oil Derivative Retail Trade; Gas Pipeline and Storage Construction, Natural Gas Transportation, Storing, Distribution and Trading, Industrial Plant and Household Gasification.

Small Hydroelectic Power Plants, Biomass, Geothermal Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy, Oil Shale.

In production, distribution and consumption.

Opening hours
Hall 1, Hall 1A
Single ticket price is 250 RSD
Parking (per hour) is 100 RSD

Bulevar vojvode Mišića 14, 11000 Beograd, Srbija
Tel: +381 (0)11 2655-202
Tel./Fax: +381 (0)11 2655-556
e-mail: energetika@sajam.rs

International Energy Congress and Fair / EIF 2014. Turkey.

“International Energy Congress and Fair / EIF 2014” is a platform, in which wide range of topics related with energy production in Turkey and all around the World will be discussed. The purpose of this congress, which will be organized by our association under the auspices of Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, is to evaluate elektricity generation and energy markets in the World and Turkey and also create an environment that discusses latest developments and practices in many ways.

Also this year again, a face to face meeting, short courses and the exhibition space will be provided in the congress.

Our congress will be held in ATO Congresium ANKARA International Convention & Exhibition Centre on 24 – 25 November 2014.

Many domestic and foreign energy company officials, academics, bureaucrats and representatives of the civil society organizations will participate to the congress.

The main subjects to be discussed at the Congress are as follows;

Renewable Energy Sources
Oil and Gas
Electricity Generation From Coal Sources
Nuclear Energy
The World And Turkish Energy View
Energy Economics And Policy
Energy Financing
Energy Security
Related Subjects of Energy Import And Export, International Projects
Evaluation of Energy Resources in The Middle East, Africa and The Arabian Plate
Energy Legislation
Wholesale Electricity
Distribution of Resources
Team And Equipment in The Energy Sector
Power Systems
Business Safety in The Energy Sector

more info on http://energy-congress.com/2014/

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Astana school completes energy efficiency upgrade

The EBRD’s sustainable energy investments top €13.4 billion, but one project in Kazakhstan is especially valuable for the Bank. It is not the largest nor the most famous, but very special nonetheless.

School no. 25 in Astana, the Kazakh capital, recently celebrated its new energy efficient windows, insulation and a new, more efficient heating system made possible by a grant from the EBRD and KEGOC, the operator of the country’s national grid.

The grant was signed at the school during the 2011 EBRD annual meeting.  In Astana, the EBRD supported a project designed to reduce CO2 emissions and thus offset the carbon emissions which result from holding an event of this scale in a far-away venue. In part, the goal was to draw public attention to environmental issues and to the importance of investment in energy efficiency.

This was the case in Astana, site of the Bank’s 20th Annual Meeting, where more than half of the guests flocked to the Central Asian steppe, mostly by air, from outside Kazakhstan.

The EBRD teamed up with KEGOC to offset the carbon footprint of this event by providing a €160,000 grant to improve energy efficiency at a school in the Kazakh capital.

“In addition to offsetting carbon emissions,” noted Janet Heckman, EBRD Director for Kazakhstan, “we wanted to demonstrate that investment in energy efficiency is not just good for the environment, but makes good financial sense.  The school will save a lot of money on its energy bills – not to mention warmer, more comfortable rooms for deserving young people.”

School no. 25 is located in the older area of town and provides around 1,000 students with a bilingual education in Russian and Kazakh, with various other foreign languages also on offer. Though educational standards are impressive, the building is less so, dating from Soviet times and built with little regard for energy consumption.  With temperatures frequently dropping below -30 °C, inefficient use of energy can become very expensive.

The EBRD’s grant helped the school to replace its windows, to install proper insulation for the building’s walls, as well as a modern heating system.  All these measures will reduce energy consumption by some 1,566 gigajoules (GJ) per year and will save about €4,000 from the school’s annual heating bill – money better used for educational purposes.

The environment will prosper too:  CO2 emissions will be reduced by approximately 250 tons per year.  As for the students and staff, rooms will be more evenly heated and maintenance of the heating system far more simple.

The project was implemented by the UNDP and the EBRD Astana Resident Office, which went to considerable lengths to select the best and most efficient  construction technologies, materials and contractors to bring the project to fruition.

Since the beginning of its operations in Kazakhstan, the EBRD has invested close to US$ 6.5 billion in the country’s economy, with more than half of the Bank’s projects supporting the private sector.

Svitlana Pyrkalo
source : EBRD

The Small Hydropower Event of Romania. RENEXPO® HYDROPOWER 2014

Romania has a huge potential in hydropower sector, that keeps this market  to be dynamic. According Hidroelectrica, 36,25% of the total produced electricity comes from hydropower. Now at its 7th edition, RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE, the biggest and most important event in the renewable energy and energy efficiency sector in Romania gives a special attention to small hydropower, being the biggest event in Romania on this topic. The international trade fair and conferences RENEXPO® HDROPOWER will take place between the 19th - 21st of November 2014, at the Palace Hall in Bucharest.

Experts, developers and users will meet at RENEXPO® HYDROPOWER to discuss their common goal of having an innovative, ecological, affordable and dependable energy future. With the 30 exhibitors expected from this field, the event wants to bring together the industry of SHP in Romania and not only! Every year the trade fair attracts industry leaders and this year the companies that already registered are: Dive Turbine, Global Hydro Energy, WWS Wasserkraft, Mazlum, Voith Hydro, Hydro CINK, Gajek Engineering and others.

Investors, planners, financiers and authorities will meet on the 20th of November 2014, at the 7th International Conference - Small Hydropower in Romania, that will take place in parallel with the trade fair at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. At the conference there will be debated topics related to the
environmental standards, environmental issues, funding opportunities, the current legislation, documents in question and practical examples strictly on SHP. The event is supported by the Romanian Association for Small Hydropower (ROSHA).

RENEXPO® HYDROPOWER is supported by important institutions and partners in the area: British Hydropower Association, European Small Hydropower Association, IRE and others.

More info on www.renexpo-bucharest.com.

South East Europe Annual Conference 2014, Ljublijana

The last South East Europe Annual Conference will take place on 24th and 25th of September 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and is aimed to highlight and showcase the added value of the SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme once it comes to its end and to link it to the future of European Territorial Cooperation in the area.

The event brings together up to 350 representatives of the SEE partner states, among which are: EU member states, countries aspiring to EU membership as well as EU neighboring countries. In addition to policy makers from the partner states and the European institutions, the event aims to bring together all organizations, institutions, agencies, etc. that have been involved in cooperation projects funded by SEE Programme or those being interested in participating in future projects.

Moreover, thematic experts that can help provide guidance and streamline the synergies and capitalization processes as well as the future of the programmes and macro-regional strategies in the area will also be invited.

Conference agenda :

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Forum REF-2014 Kyiv

Recent geopolitical events demonstrate that energy efficiency and renewable energy is almost the only real way to enhance energy security of Ukraine, increase competitive advantage of Ukrainian products and provide uninterruptible heating and power supply to the citizens.

Apart from a highly topical programme covering more than 60 reports and presentations of the best industry experts and key market players, REF-2014 Kyiv will also run a branch exhibition where a variety of services and equipment from the leading companies both foreign and Ukrainian will be presented. A separate part of REF-2014 Kyiv exposition is named “Secure heating season 2014-2015” and will be related to the decisions, equipment and fuel necessary to guarantee a viable upcoming heating season.

Over the last 5 years REF-2014 Kyiv has confirmed its status as a main event in the field of sustainable energy within Eastern Europe having summoned key players in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency as well as heads of state departments, engineers, producers and suppliers of technical solution and equipment; bankers and investors, best international experts and professional associations representatives in the quality of speakers, partners and participants, aiming to strengthen legislative and economic basis for projects development in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

There are following key topics for discussion on the Forum REF-2014 Kyiv:

-New state policy in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency
-Implementation of sustainable energy projects in Ukraine in keeping with the EU association.
-Energy efficiency and new energy solutions in industry:

How to maintain or even ramp up the Ukrainian production in the context of gas shortage

-Energy-efficient heating: modeling of the large scale substitution of gas heating for the electric one and opting for solid fuel and other alternatives
-Energy-efficient lighting for industrial purposes
-Renewable energy 2.0. Renewable energy sector and alternative fuel on the new stage of development
-Future for feed-in-tariff for different sectors of renewable energy
-Attracting funds to the projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency at the time of turbulence.

Separate sessions will be related to solar and wind energy. Such issues as substitution of gas by carrying out projects in the field of biofuel heating stations and CHP plants as well as leaving fuel pellets and briquets produced by Ukrainian plants in domestic market will be treated in details during the 6th Ukrainian Biofuel Forum that will be held within a framework of REF-2014 Kyiv on October, 15.

REF-2014 Kyiv is organized by the Innovative Business Centre IBCentre and Association of Alternative Fuel and Energy Market Participants of Ukraine АPEU in collaboration with the international association Energy Watch Group. Official support of the forum is presented by the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine, Deputy group of the Verkhovna Rada “For energy independence of Ukraine”.

REF-2014 Kyiv, 6th InternationalRenewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Forum in Ukraine will be held om October 14-15, 2014 in Kyiv (NSC Olimpiyskiy).


R&D project shows nacelle-mounted LIDAR reduces yaw misalignment and improves turbine performance

A collaborative research project at the Energy Department’s (DOE) National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has shown that the Wind Iris nacelle-mounted LIDAR from Avent Lidar Technology is an effective diagnostic tool for identifying wind turbine yaw misalignment, allowing users to improve wind turbine performance.  This is the first independent scientific field study validating the benefits of using turbine mounted LIDAR to correct rotor-induced yaw misalignment. An AEP increase of 2.4% has been estimated for a 7.5° misalignment.

The research project, supported by DOE, focused on the optimization of turbine performance using forward-looking wind LIDAR measurements, with a focus on improvement of power output by correcting yaw misalignment and a reduction in turbine O&M costs through improved load mitigation.  The research was conducted in collaboration with Avent Lidar Technology and Renewable NRG Systems.

“Wind turbines traditionally rely on a wind vane mounted on the rear of the nacelle to measure the wind direction in order to control the yaw position of the turbine. Certain factors, like rotor-induced wakes, can lead the vane to measure the wind direction inaccurately. The principle focus of the project was to use a LIDAR to measure the wind direction ahead of the rotor and derive a correction function.  The correction function was shown to reduce the yaw misalignment and improve power capture in below rated power wind speeds,” said Andrew Scholbrock, Field Test Engineer at NREL.

The study also validated the energy increase after yaw misalignment correction using the Wind Iris as an external reference sensor. The power curve improvement was measured and found to be nearly identical with wind speeds measured from the LIDAR and NREL’s reference meteorological tower. Based on the results, it is estimated that LIDAR-based yaw correction will increase the annual energy production (AEP) by 2.4% for a 7.5° static misalignment and standard reference wind speed distribution.
“Yaw misalignment correction is a hot topic in turbine O&M optimization. These field-results will give us a strong edge in a market where no other type turbine mounted LIDARs have that kind of scientific track record”, commented Thomas Velociter, CEO of Avent.

NREL served as the overall project coordinator with the measurement campaign taking place at its National Wind Technology Center in Golden, Colorado.  The LIDAR was installed on the two-bladed Controls Advanced Research Turbine (CART2). NREL performed data collection and analysis related to the use of LIDAR measurements. Avent provided its Wind Iris LIDAR for the project together and performed part of the scientific analysis related to LIDAR technology. Renewable NRG Systems was responsible for the coordination of the LIDAR field activities.

Following the evaluation of static yaw misalignment correction, NREL, Avent and Renewable NRG Systems are set to begin a new collaboration phase to explore the use of LIDAR measurements to actively control the wind turbine, through improved rotor collective pitch and yaw control.

The Wind Iris is the only industry proven turbine LIDAR for power performance verification and optimization applications. It measures the horizontal wind speed and direction at hub height from 40m to 400m upwind of the turbine, and generates accurate data to optimize wind turbine performance. It combines unparalleled operational features, validated procedures and methodologies, and has a strong track record of over 100 deployments onshore and offshore. This unique combination allows operators and owners to yield a high return on investment turbine after turbine with clear and easy to implement processes.

The Switch wins large repeat orders from major wind customers

The Switch, a supplier of megawatt-class permanent magnet generator and full-power converter packages for wind power and other renewable energy applications, has received repeat orders worth several millions of euros from major customers in the company’s core business area of wind. These repeat orders signal a strong belief in the company and provide a solid order backlog as The Switch continues to advance drive train technology under new ownership of Japan-based Yaskawa Electric Corporation (“Yaskawa”).

The Switch received repeat orders from major customers in China and Europe for both 1.5 MW full-power converters and permanent magnet (PM) generators. A rapid delivery time for the full-power converters helped The Switch close the deal with one Chinese customer.

These orders from long-term customers in wind provide momentum for The Switch and Yaskawa System Engineering, one of the three main divisions of Yaskawa, to begin building their common future together.

“For our customers, our new owner ensures a solid partner, a firm foundation, an expanded product portfolio and the potential for innovative product R&D,” says Jukka-Pekka Mäkinen, President and CEO of The Switch. “For The Switch, Japan represents a vast new market opportunity and untapped potential for our products. Moreover, Yaskawa offers our customers a gateway into Japan for their products.”

Yaskawa became the sole owner of The Switch on July 10, 2014 as part of its strategy to grow its System Engineering division’s market share in renewable, marine and industrial applications. Together with The Switch, Yaskawa aims to gain access to new global markets with a wider range of innovative products.


Ukraine - talks about the possibility of subsidizing alternative energy

Head of Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti Ukraine, Mr. Sergiy Savchuk said during a discussion with leading experts in the areas of energy efficiency :  "Ukraine must find other technical solutions to have immediate effect and become multipliers. Against this background, the agency proposes to take in consider channeling funds to subsidize 30% of the cost of projects for saving and replacement of gas. "

Some experts have said that providing funds to subsidize projects to reduce gas consumption should benefit from a mechanism and by an institution. Already Mr. Volodymyr Lytvyn, vice-president of Sberbank   said that such a rule will issue one mechanism the selection and monitoring of projects implementation.

Another supporter of the project is Mr. George Geletukha, Chairman of the Bio-energy Association of Ukraine, who believes that such a project will encourage the use of alternative fuels instead of gas.

And Ms. Helen Fisher noted that a transparent procedure for the selection of projects will allow Ukraine to engage in investments in this sector.

At the end of the discussion, participants agreed to send their concrete proposals and suggestions for the reimbursement mechanism and implementation of the project to replace gas to Government of Ukraine. In general, most experts have the opinion, that in the present circumstances, it is necessary to direct funding for partial reimbursement of funds for energy efficiency projects for saving and replacement of gas.

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Romania: CEEER 2014, 3-th edition

The Congress of Energy and Electric Equipment (CEEER 2014) is built on the event year Conferences of Electrical Equipment and Automation (EAEC). this edition Will Be in Place Parliament from Bucharest, Romania Between 9 and 12 September 2014.

Generated by the Need to expand the topics and to approach in detail the proposed Subjects of matter, thus involving a larger number of Specialists in the field, from Romania and abroad, CEEER sets to become year 2014 benchmark annual event in the Romanian energy field. This year, CEEER is taking like in parallel with the Largest exhibition of electrical equipment and automation in Romania - IEAS (International Equipment & Automation Show), During the 11-12th September, at Parliament Palace, N. Balcescu Hall.

CEEER tends exponentially to become one of the events on Romanian market trade, Bringing together the most important companies in the energy and electrical equipment field, leaders in the academic environment and state institutions, business people and decision makers from the energy field.

CEEER 2014 is Meant to become one of the most important events in the Romanian energy and electrical equipment field, dedicated to Energy Specialists and Those Involved in connex domains. It is the only forum Where one can get a grasp of the full image on the Economical Situation, the force of the market, the newest technologies, developments and new trends constantly in the industry.

CEEER 2014 Represents the potential of new research developments, business relations, the continuous change of ideas for the energy market in Romania and the generator of Implementing new solutions for the harmonious development of international research.

- September 9 - sesion I - Renewable Energy
- September 9 - sesion II - Smart Grid
- September 10-sesion III - Energy savings in buildings and transport
- September 10 - sesion IV - Safety systems and components in energetics and electrical energy

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RENEXPO® 2014 Poland

International Trade Fair for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency RENEXPO® Poland, which will be held on 23-25 September 2014 in the Expocentre EXPO XXI in Warsaw, is an excellent opportunity to learn about the latest trends, technologies and novelties which lower the real estate demand for energy.

In the same time with this event will be 3rd Congress of Polish Organization of Heat pump Technology Development ( PORT PC ) and PV Forum in September 23. Next day, September 24  the fair participanta will have a chance to be in Energy Efficient Building Forum and Heat Pump Forum.

23 - 25.09.2014 Warsaw
4th International Trade Fair and Conferences for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Trade Fair Venue:
Warsaw Centre EXPO XXI
12/14 Prądzyńskiego Street
01-222 Warsaw

REECO Poland Sp.zoo


Balkan Energy Finance Forum. BEFF 2014, Tirana, Albania

Between 15-16 October at Sheraton Hotel from Tirana, Albania will be held the 7th annual Balkan Energy Finance Forum. This year forum will adress to :

- The SEE Region: Future Outlook
- Gas and Oil Market Developments
- Electricity Grid, Pricing, Trading
- Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
- Greening the Financial Sector

After the succes from 2013 which attracted over 200 attendees from over 25 countries, this year will again unite key players from across the energy industry, both from private and public sectors, tackling key issues facing the development of the energy market.

The organizer of the conference recommends regional renewable energy project developers to attend the Project Finance Workshop for Renewable Energy Projects, organized by the Green for Growth Fund, Southeast Europe on 17th October in the same location.

For full event information and if you are interested in participating in this event as a delegate, speaker or sponsor please contact Ana Bankovic (ana.bankovic@eelevents.co.uk).

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REECO Company will offer for the 3rd time the RENERGY AWARD to reward the initiative and creativity of those involved who contribute to the renewable energy sector development in Romania. Outstanding personalities and renewable energy companies in Romania and abroad will gather on the 20th of November 2014 at Palace Hall Bucharest for the ceremony of award hosted by RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE trade fair.

RENERGY AWARD will be presented in two categories: to an Outstanding Personality and to an Innovative Technology. RENERGY AWARD offered to an Outstanding Personality, plays a central role in the industry and is characterized by constant commitment or special achievements in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency. The focus of this award is on those who  have developed something with the heart, soul and creativity.

RENERGY  AWARD in the category of an Innovative Technology is open to all companies and products displayed at the trade fair RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE  and voted by visitors.



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