Ukraine - talks about the possibility of subsidizing alternative energy

Head of Derzhenerhoefektyvnosti Ukraine, Mr. Sergiy Savchuk said during a discussion with leading experts in the areas of energy efficiency :  "Ukraine must find other technical solutions to have immediate effect and become multipliers. Against this background, the agency proposes to take in consider channeling funds to subsidize 30% of the cost of projects for saving and replacement of gas. "

Some experts have said that providing funds to subsidize projects to reduce gas consumption should benefit from a mechanism and by an institution. Already Mr. Volodymyr Lytvyn, vice-president of Sberbank   said that such a rule will issue one mechanism the selection and monitoring of projects implementation.

Another supporter of the project is Mr. George Geletukha, Chairman of the Bio-energy Association of Ukraine, who believes that such a project will encourage the use of alternative fuels instead of gas.

And Ms. Helen Fisher noted that a transparent procedure for the selection of projects will allow Ukraine to engage in investments in this sector.

At the end of the discussion, participants agreed to send their concrete proposals and suggestions for the reimbursement mechanism and implementation of the project to replace gas to Government of Ukraine. In general, most experts have the opinion, that in the present circumstances, it is necessary to direct funding for partial reimbursement of funds for energy efficiency projects for saving and replacement of gas.

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