“2030 climate and energy package vital to EU’s energy security” stresses Director for Energy Transition at European Commission

Marie Donnelly - Director for Energy Transition at the European Commission - speaks with energy journalist Hughes Belin about the EU climate and energy goals for 2030 and discusses the implications of the 2030 package for the European Union’s energy security, ahead of the European Council meeting on 23 and 24 October.

Donnelly argues that Eastern and Central Member States should not see a 40% greenhouse gas reduction target as unachievable or too ambitious. When it comes to renewables targets, the Director for Energy Transition underlines that increasing the share of renewable energy to at least 27% would be a great step towards strengthening Europe’s energy security. Moreover, Donnelly sketches out that energy efficiency is number one tool in the context of the crisis. “The ambitious target of 30% energy efficiency was a direct response to the crisis”, she underlines. Regarding energy governance, she points out that very few member states have a policy on import and export, and concludes by looking at the perspective for biofuels. According to her, Europe needs to move forward into the second generation of biofuels.

Source : http://www.vieuws.eu


Expo Trophy 2014, Budva, Montenegro

Expo Trophy 2014 for exhibition performances of the participants at the 36th Fair of Civil Engineering, 34 th Fair Security, Protection and Rescue, 16th Fair business, 2th and 9th Energy Fair, Fair Water Supply System and Sanitary technology under Mr Slobodan Mitrovic presidency, decided:

- compliments for exhibition performance
- Intellectual Property Office of Montenegro from Podgorica and Megran Doo from Danilovgrad
- third prize - Bronze Plaques - Beton Lucko from Lucko
- second prize - Silver Medal - Ekoenergetika from Podgorica
- first prize - Gold Plaque and Expo Trophy 2014 - FM Mont from Podgorica

Prizes was awarded by director of Adriatic fair Mr Dr.Rajko Bujkovic.
Fairs was held in Budva, Montenegro at Adriatic Fair between 24th and 28th September 2014.
Was present 110 companies from 13 countries.

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Energy Independence - the key to the success of the state , in Ukraine, November 11-12, 2014

SE Research Institute of Building Production of Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine invites to participate in scientific work-shop Key Aspects of Building and Housing in Ukraine. Objects Thermal Modernization. "Energy independence - success of the state."

The event will take place on 11-12 November 2014.

Seminar will be moderated by experts in thermal modernization.
The workshop will address the following issues:

- Comprehensive engineering energy saving solutions in systems of heat generation and heat consumption in buildings;
- Organizational and financial mechanisms development  for energy efficiency projects in the residential sector;
- Concession agreements within public - private partnerships to attract investments in the communal property;
- ESCO mechanisms implementation specifics in Ukraine;
- EE in housing investment project development.

Address of workshop conducting:

The state Research institute of building production
Kyiv, Chervonozorianyi Avenue, 51, conference room (2nd floor).

Invitation and details about location hire.


Moldova - biomass businesses

30 businesses was launched and developed in the solid biofuel production with leasing program conducted by the Energy and Biomass Project 2012-2014. Agricultural entrepreneurs bought installations with money from European funds specially equipment for producing briquettes / pellets, shredding, baling and transportation of biomass. The equipment was provided on favorable terms, with payment over 3 years, 0% fee, 0% interest and 0% VAT.

One of the line of briquettes was launched in 2013 in Ghidighici by two doctors and an economist. Young entrepreneurs have launched into bioenergy sector, acquiring leased line briquetting.

"This year the business is well put on wheels by increased demand. Are times when we work almost non-stop to meet demands. People know the benefits of eco fuel and give priority against  coal. "says Roman Smolniţchi one of the founders of Ghidighici briquetting enterprise.

Biofuel market is growing rapidly in Moldova. In the past four years, the number of local producers of briquettes and pellets increased by 10 times, already exceeding the number of 100 technical capacity production lines briquettes and pellets already existing in Moldova can substitute coal imports amounted recent years about 150,000 tons, respectively, 400 million. lei ( over 21 million euro ) paid from the state budget.

"The European Union supports the development of bio-energy sector in Moldova through integrated steps. With investments offered through Energy and Biomass Project, 144 schools and kindergartens will enter in this winter with heating provided by biomass. Biofuel was purchased from local producers motivated to start businesses by increased demand and by programs development of biofuels production sector, launched by the project."said Nicholas Zacharias expert in business development at Energy and Biomass Project.

Energy and Biomass Project promotes the mandate and expertise to create a sustainable market for biofuel production and its use both in the public and in the residential. 500 families in villages and home towns in Moldova have installed biomass boilers with 1,300 euro EU grant funds.

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source : www.biomasa.md

Bosch will invest 300 milion euro between 2013-2015 in Turkey

The Bosch Group is further expanding its presence in Turkey. Between 2013 and 2015, the international technology and services company will be investing some 300 million euros in the extension of its existing location in Bursa, 90 kilometers south of Istanbul. By the end of this year, Bosch intends to create around 500 jobs there.

“By making this investment, Bosch is demonstrating its confidence in the Bursa location, which is characterized by the dedication of its associates and the outstanding quality of its operations,” said Steven Young, the Bosch Group's representative in Turkey.

For the Bosch Group's global operations, Turkey is now an important manufacturing and export location, and is growing in importance as a research and development location as well. As early as 2009, an engineering center for injection technology was established in Bursa. In Manisa and Cerkesköy, Bosch associates are also developing new products such as gas-fired boilers and household appliances. The company has spent nearly 70 million euros on R&D in Turkey over the last three years, and employs some 330 local engineers.

source : Bosch-presse.de

EBRD and Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia deepen private-public sector collaboration

Improved cooperation between the private and public sectors with regard to energy efficiency was the focus of a conference entitled “The ESCO Opportunity: Improving Energy Efficiency in Public Facilities”, held on 24 September in Belgrade. The event was hosted by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Ministry of Mining and Energy of the Republic of Serbia, and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, with the support of the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities (SCTM) and the Central European Development Forum (CEDEF).

The conference – attended by representatives of government, energy efficiency experts, local and international investors discussed the introduction of innovative approaches to the delivery of municipal services, such as energy performance contracting (EnPC), improvements to the tendering process and increased participation of private energy service companies (ESCOs).

The EBRD has worked closely with government and local authorities to strengthen these new approaches and enable private investors to come forward through the Regional Energy Efficiency Programme in the Western Balkans. The programme is supported by grant funds of €23.35 million approved under the auspices of the Western Balkans Investment Framework (WBIF), an innovative financing initiative which pools grant resources in order to leverage loans for the financing of priority infrastructure and socio-economic development in the Western Balkans.  The WBIF was established in December 2009 by the European Commission, the partner IFIs – CEB, EBRD and EIB - and bilateral donors, and was subsequently endorsed by the European Council.

With the support of the EBRD, the Ministry of Mining and Energy welcomed the increased participation of ESCOs in the public sector to increase energy efficiency investments.

Under ESCO approach, energy efficiency projects are being implemented by experienced private sector companies, significantly raising the quality of these ventures and enabling investment in modernisation. EnPCs are the basis of this involvement. They help to minimise operational expenditures, such as heating, lighting, ventilation and the supply of drinking water funded from the ESCO’s resources and repaid from the realised savings. The ESCO contracted under the EnPC in turn guarantees a specific level of service performance, which ensures that all investments and its service delivery are covered by the savings achieved.

The EBRD is supporting the regional energy efficiency programme with both technical assistance and financing for projects implemented by ESCOs.  Financing may be through loans from local banks under the EBRD’s Western Balkans Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (WeBSEFF) or by direct financing from the EBRD.

Over the medium term, Serbian towns and municipalities could benefit from investments of up to €130 million, which could lead to €30 million savings in energy - and maintenance costs every year.

With the support of the Serbian Ministry Mining and Energy, work has begun to identify priority public sector facilities in Serbia to be included in the first stage of tendering for ESCO projects. All energy intensive public entities are invited to apply for technical support to improve inefficient energy use. As part of the regional energy efficiency programme, the EBRD‘s consultancy team in Serbia is now supporting municipalities and public entities in their preparation of ESCO projects.

Author: Viktorija Melohina
source : EBRD

Kosovo : KoSEP Sustainable Energy Excellence Awards 2014

EBRD finance with €12 million Kosovo Sustainable Energy Projects (KoSEP) to instal and promoting sustainable and efficient use of energy. The 2014 Sustainable Energy Excellence Awards ceremony hosted by the EBRD and the European Union (EU) Office in Kosovo took place on 8 October at the Emerald Hotel in Pristina.

The winners of the KoSEP Sustainable Energy Excellence Awards 2014 :

Best Energy Efficiency Project in Small Enterprises
Apetit sh.p.k., for investing in new and efficient meat processing machines and cooling chambers. By doing so, the company achieved the highest energy savings and reductions in CO2 in the business sector.

Best Industrial Energy Efficiency Project
NewCo Jugoterm International LLC, for modernizing their production equipment and investing in new welding robots. Not only did they save energy, but they also reduced CO2 emissions.

Best Agricultural Energy Efficiency Project
Iliri D. shpk, awarded for replacing an old diesel tractor with a new, more efficient model, which is now saving large amounts of diesel and reducing CO2 emissions.

Most Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Project in the Residential Sector
Mrs Gjylba Dembogaj awarded for investing in energy-efficient windows, thermal insulation for external walls and a new and efficient biomass boiler, generating the highest energy savings and CO2 reductions of all the nominees.

Best Renewable Energy Project in the Residential Sector
Mr Selim Cacaj, awarded for investing in space and water heating from renewable energies with his purchase of a biomass boiler and a solar water-heating system. By implementing such measures, Mr Cacaj is now less dependent on the national power system.

Best Energy Efficiency Project in the Residential Sector
Mr Fadil Hoxha, for decreasing his energy consumption by close to 50%  through his investment in new windows, insulation and a biomass heating system, resulting in the highest energy bill cuts.

Special Awards for Outstanding Commitment in Sustainable Energy Financing
These were awarded to all three participating financial partner institutions and loan officers who have achieved impressive results for KoSEP.

So far over 1,000 projects in Kosovo have received support worth more than €5 million through KoSEP.

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Poland : Training for Renewable energy sources on farms

Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) is the coordinator of the project first (free) Training for Installers in the project Ozer - Renewable energy sources on farms.

The training is aimed primarily info about micro installations installers of renewable energy sources, but also to companies, Institutions interested in the integration of  micro-installations, hybrid installation and installation of energy storage.

On 11.21.2014 in Warsaw, and end in 12/05/2014. Training will be in Olsztyn. Proposal of the training is to provide knowledge and skills to design and implementation specialized for different types of solutions for farms of different profiles of energy consumption and to provide practical information and knowledge about program. Also to inform about the basis of the current legal status of the operation of energy in the agriculture.

During the training will be discussed  the results of the installation already make and will be  determinate the relationship between the variables at the time of the energy needs and possibilities of  production with micro-installation.

To participate in the training as lecturers invited Representatives min.: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Energy Regulatory Office, as well as part of the workshop Will Be Attended by invited farmers, as Representatives of Consumers installation services and consulting.

Participant Will Receive a Certificate of Completion of Training - micro installations integrator of Renewable Energy sources.

For more information visit http://ozerise.pl/pl/


EC Study: EU states gave 122 billion euros for energy subsidies

EU states awarded grants worth 122 billion to their energy mix in 2012, a third of the aid being allocated to support renewable energy, according to AFP, citing a study published by the European Commission.

Commission mandated a study desk task to collect data from the Member States, she said.

The data are from 2012 and the report does not allow a comparison with the development aid in the coming years, she indicated. The study does not specify how much of the aid has had effects on the bill, said Marlene Holzner.

Nearly 41 billion was granted as state aid for renewable energy: 14.7 billion euros for solar, 11, 4 billion for the land wind, biomass 8.3 billion and 5.1 billion for hydropower, according to these data.

Nuclear sector received 6.9 billion euros of subsidies, the coal 10.1 billion, while the natural gas 5.1 billion euros. Instead, the aid for energy production from oil are very low.

The report states that Germany has allocated the highest energy state aid, amounting to 25.4 billion euros, of which a large part designed to support energy savings.

The other states are far behind, with 13.2 billion UK, Italy and Spain 10.3 billion and 7.2 billion France.

source : Agerpres

ExpoEnergiE 2014, Bucharest

The fourth edition of ExpoEnergiE will take place within Hall C1 at Romexpo Exhibition Centre, between 15th and 18th of October 2014 in Bucharest.

ExpoEnergiE is an event dedicated to the energy market and the oil and gas industry, representing a networking platform for professionals in the field. ExpoEnergiE focuses on promoting the potential of these two industries, in order to attract investors.

The event gathers under the same roof the most important players in the market that will exhibit the latest products and technologies, offering to visitors the opportunity to be informed on the novelties of this market, to purchase products and services or to negotiate directly with suppliers. ExpoEnergiE is addressed to producers and distributors of conventional energy, renewable energy, technologies and equipment for oil and gas industry.

more info on http://www.eee-expo.ro/home

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Two new vice presidents at the Hungarian Association of Solar Photovoltaic

On September 20 took place the extraordinary meeting of the Association of Photovoltaic Maghiar Solar. On the agenda was the approval of a new headquarters and a open new training center. The two vice presidents Baluha Joseph and Laszlo Acsai was been replaced by a vote with Mr. Bob Knight and Bela Hussars.

It was established as one of the vice presidents to have the program with steps to promote solar energy and to  creating a department of sport and recreation. He was adopted and the association audit prepared under Mr George Weidinger which was adopted unanimously. There have also been discussions about the various events that the association will hold.

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Renewable NRG Systems announces new VP of Engineering, Wallace Lafferty

Wallace Lafferty 
Renewable NRG Systems (RNRG), a designer and manufacturer of decision support tools for the global renewable energy industry, has hired Wallace Lafferty to join the executive management team in the role of vice president of engineering. Lafferty is responsible for overseeing RNRG’s engineering organization—leading the development of new products and providing technical direction throughout the company.

“We are keen to have Wally join us. He has the strategic vision and tactical knowledge we are looking for to take our engineering skills to the next level,” noted Justin Wheating, president of RNRG. “We look forward to working with him to continue to develop new products and solutions for our customers.”

With more than 30 years of combined experience in the wind energy, aerospace, and defense industries, Lafferty was the managing director of Vestas Technology R&D Americas, the vice president of global research for Vestas Technology R&D, and the head of design quality control for AREVA Multibrid in Germany. Prior to joining Renewable NRG Systems, he served as the vice president of operations for Offshore Wind Power Systems of Texas.

Lafferty holds two patents in wind energy technology, with several others in progress. His undergraduate work, begun at the University of South Carolina, was completed in broadcast engineering at the Radio Engineering Institute. He has pursued additional coursework in mathematics at Virginia Commonwealth University, advanced configuration management at George Washington University, and offshore wind energy technology at the Technische Universiteit Delft in the Netherlands.

“I am delighted to bring my recent experience in German offshore wind energy to Renewable NRG Systems, and I am very excited about the direction in which the company is headed,” said Lafferty.

AgriCultura 2014 place where renewable energy are not missing

Between October 8 to 11 in Promenada Mall Braila parking, Romania has held the eighteenth edition of the Fair of Agriculture now called AgriCulture. Are present in addition to companies in the agriculture industry also companies involved in green energy sources.

Trust Euro Therm exhibited a machine where products could be seen. Near you can find Ecohornet company that shows equipment thermal how make energy on pellets based on their patent. Ecohornet developed his own production base in Romania.

Another of interest is Cyclon Tech SRL how shows alternative energy. You can see  Apricus Solar AP20 thermal panels and also a photo-voltaic panel . Cyclon Tech SRL is Apricus distributor in Romania.

The fair is organized by the Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture Braila and is already a traditional event in the area of Romania.

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Lukoil stopped by prosecutors in Romania

Lukoil Petrotel, Ploiesti, Romania
Lukoil began Friday, October 3,  production shutdown procedures at Petrotel-Lukoil refinery in Ploiesti, a day after massive searches prosecutors in a case of tax evasion and money laundering.

In a press release issued by the Lukoil Group Press Service, states that the authorities of Romania have done searches in the offices of affiliates oil group, within Petrotel-Lukoil refinery in Ploiesti, but the production of this refinery has not been suspended.

On the other hand, the Prosecutor of the Court of Appeal Ploiesti announced that last Thursday, there have been 23 searches at the premises of companies from Lukoil group. Estimated damage so far is 230 million euro,  112 million of evasion tax and 118 million from money laundering.

In October 7 Ploiesti Court of Appeal decided to putting a levy on the products of Lukoil from Oil Terminal company. While prosecutors have raised many bags of documents.

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First International Trade Fair and Conferences on Renewables and Energy Efficiency in BiH

RENEXPO® BiH presents the most important platform for gathering investors, decision makers, representatives of ministries and municipal authorities, as well as business leaders in renewable energy and energy efficiency sectors. In order to promote the concept of energy efficient construction and the use of renewables, presenting challenges but also market potentials of this region, a two-day congress will bring together renowned experts, connecting local and international experts across Europe to discuss the latest development trends, projects and practical solutions in these areas.

Location: Sarajevo, Hotel Hollywood
Date: November 5th and 6th, 2014

ENERGY EFFICIENCY in: Construction, Industry and Public Sector

From traditional to energy-efficient construction. The importance of the implementation of projects that enable rational energy consumption in buildings and that can contribute to the improvement of energy efficiency in public objects and collective housing, which is the potential, perspective but also the commitment of the construction sector. The implementation of such projects, together with use of appropriate building materials that achieve significant financial savings, present important economic driver that opens new opportunities for job creation and launch of the entire economy. Presentation of already implemented, but also promotion of future local communities projects and all the activities in the energy sector, with the institutional networking in the Bosnia and Herzegovina market are key point of the first day of the congress.


4704 MW of renewable energy in Romania

Ability to produce energy from renewable sources reached a total installed capacity of 4,704 MW at the end of August this year in Romania, according to data provided by Transelectrica.

The system existed wind power projects of 2,800 MW, photovoltaic parks with a total capacity of 1,234 MW, 570 MW small hydro and biomass projects with a cumulative power of 100 MW.

A month before the end of July, the system was installed 4,664 MW, and late last year appeared in the system production capacity of 4,349 MW of renewable energy.

Renewable energy producers receive subsidies in the form of green certificates, they pay all consumers, including households, which are outlined separately in the monthly electricity bill.

Romania has assumed that 24% of gross final energy consumption in 2020 to come from renewable sources, but ANRE announced that this target has already been achieved on 1 January 2014 So, for 2014, the share of compulsory acquisition green energy remained at 11.1%, as it was in 2013, to 15%, as it should be this year.

To mitigate increased bills, the Government decided on July 1, 2013, to postpone the period from 2017 to 2020 gave the number of green certificates.

According to GEO 57/2013, photovoltaic projects receive green certificates per MWh four versus six certificates as it was before 1 July 2013 wind projects only receive a certificate for two, and two small hydropower certified three.

However, new projects entering the system after January 1, 2014 receive fewer subsidies from the start. According to the Government Decision 994/2013 December 2013 November photovoltaic parks receive only half of the grants so far, and three certificates of six.

In the case of wind farms, the number of certificates is reduced to 0.5 in 2017 and 0.25 since 2018, therefore, the new investors will receive only 1.5 certified green by 2017 and 1.75 certified from 2018.

Also, small hydropower also receive 0.7% less green certificates per MWh, ie only 2.3 certified for new plants.

source : Agerpres

Ukraine - the procedure to use funds for renewable energy

Ukraine Government has decided to use the first 50 million UAH (about 2.9 million euro) to finance projects to reduce dependence of Russian gas. It is expected that about 33,800 households to benefit from this project. Basically through the bank Sberbank credit is given as: citizen goes and chooses a product and the invoice goes to the bank mentioned where customer sign a loan agreement and bank transfer the money. With this money citizen buy the product. Then monthly payments will be about 20% of the loan amount but, not more than 5000 UHA. Guarantee is made by the National Bank of Ukraine.

In future it will extend to other banks to joine to program and to introduce also for other types of loans such as those related to improving energy efficiency of buildings. So far is only for change the gas equipment with equipment that use renewable or electricity.

Ukraine is under Russian pressure in terms of gas consumption and the country seeking funding mechanisms to reduce this dependence. Meanwhile the east is ground battles with pro-Russian separatists.

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KIC InnoEnergy´s Business Booster brings key Energy players to Barcelona

KIC InnoEnergy, the European company for innovation, business creation and education in sustainable energy, confirms the final agenda and keynote speakers of its second Business Booster event, returning to Barcelona on 23-24 October. The event will showcase over 60 high-growth start-ups and innovative SMEs the company supports, creating a unique platform for the industry to get access to the latest technologies and innovations. Representatives from leading energy companies including EDF, Iberdrola, Gas Natural, GDF Suez and Tauron have already confirmed their attendance, and over 250 participants from the top 50 European energy companies are expected to attend the event.

The first day of Business Booster will focus on topics around the energy markets and challenges the industry faces. Gina Domanig, Managing Partner of Emerald Technology Ventures, will provide insight on the energy market trends in Europe, while Ankit A. Shukla, Practice Director from analysts Frost & Sullivan, will focus on the integration of technologies in the European energy landscape. Diego Pavía, CEO of KIC InnoEnergy and Elena Bou, KIC InnoEnergy’s Innovation Director will share their views on the need of innovation and new business models in Europe, and how KIC InnoEnergy contributes to shaping the future of the energy market.

The second day’s discussions will focus on the strategic role of innovation and entrepreneurship in sustainable energy, through a roundtable discussion with top executives of energy companies, including Raphaël Schoentgen, Head of R&T at GDF Suez Group, Sylvain Paineau, Innovation & Partnerships Director at Schneider Electric, and Jerzy Janikowski, Regulatory Affairs from Tauron Poland. The event will also showcase a number of case studies from successful serial entrepreneurs to highlight how entrepreneurship contributes to the growth of the European economy. Magnus Lindhe, Partner at Zobito AB, Pascal Mauberger, CEO at McPhy Energy and Ghislain Vanherle, Founder of P&V-Elektrotechniek will be amongst the speakers at the inspiring session.

Through the unique way of connecting high-promising start-ups and the energy companies, KIC InnoEnergy works to strengthen innovation in Europe. By attending the Business Booster event, the industry will gain access to new technologies, innovative solutions, new business models and new investment opportunities, complementing those their company is already or thinking of developing.

For more information and attendance confirmation

Weber Shandwick
Núria Picas │
+34 93 236 09 36 │ +34 93 236 09 01

Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2014

The oportunities and challenges of implementing energy efficiency programs as the next step in Romania’s energy strategy will be debated in the largest conference dedicated to this sector in Romania, the Energy Efficiency Forum 2014, organised by the Romanian Association for Promoting Energy Efficiency ARPEE and GOVNET Conferences.

This national conference comes at a crucial moment as the implementation of the 2012/27/EU Directive to Energy Efficiency will come into force. The Summit speakers will provide the latest information to help your company adapt and comply to the Directive requirements - it will also involve you in the debate that shapes the future directions of Romania's energy markets and energy services development.

The event is created to generate business ventures and present the investment opportunities in Romania's energy efficiency programs as well as to connect government representatives and regulatory authorities with private companies.

Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2014 - October 9, 2014 - Hotel InterContinental Bucharest

Target group: Local and International experts from the energy industry and Romanian authorities supervising and regulating the field.

Language: English and Romanian (with simultaneous translation provided)

Registration: Conference  participation fee is 149 € + VAT/ person.
The fee includes the participation in the conference sessions,  coffee breaks and lunch, as well as the conference proceedings documents.
All registration fees mentioned above exclude 24% Romanian VAT. Register online via the registration page on http://govnet.ro

08:00 - 08:30
Delegates Registration and welcome coffee

08:30 - 10:00
Romanian policy and legislation relating to Energy Efficiency 2012/27 EU Directive
Moderator: Emil Calota – Vice-President, ANRE


Ambassador Mihnea Constantinescu - Energy Efficiency and Energy Security of Romania
Varujan Vosganian, Senator, former Minister of Economy
Rodin Traicu, Member of the Chamber of Deputies in the Romanian Parliament, and member of the Industries and Services Commission Chamber of Deputies
Dan Ioan Gheorghiu, Counsellor of the Prime Minister for Energy and President of ISPE
Elena Popescu, General Director of the Energy and Environment Direction within the Ministry of Energy - The National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency
Corneliu Rotaru, Director ANRE - The approach to implement the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency

10:00 - 10:15
Networking coffee break

10:15 - 12:15
The Romanian Industrial Sector - specific market aspects and implementation barriers

Moderator: Corneliu Radulescu – Director General ANRE


Gerard Verdebout, President, ARPEE - Romanian Association for Promoting Energy Efficiency
Gheorghe Dobra, Director General, ALRO- Energy Efficiency at ALRO - Improving the reduction of energy consumption and countinuous monitoring
Bruno Ribo, Chief Executive Officer ArcelorMittal Galati - Presentation topic TBC
Razvan Grecu, Vice President Strategy, GDF Suez Romania - Implementation of Directive 2012/27/UE on Energy Efficiency(art. 7)
Bogdan Balaci, General Manager Philips Lighting - Light and energy efficiency! Challenges and opportunities on the local market
Tudor-Alexandru Socea, Director General, EnergoBit ESCO - Energy Performance Contract - models of good practice
Gheorghe Tucu, General Director Valeg - Increasing energy efficiency in industrial processes. Is Romania ready?
Oana Mogoi, Energy Infrastructure team coordinator BCR ERSTE - Financing energy efficiency projects
Mark Velody, Project Manager RoSEFF - EU EBRD RoSEFF – an integrated package of financing, technical consultancy and EU grants to help Romanian SMEs invest in sustainable energy solutions

12:15 - 12:30
Networking Coffee break

12:30 - 14:00
Energy Efficiency programs for buildings, biomass and biogas

Moderator: Prof. Aureliu Leca - Executive Director ARPEE


Lavinia Saniuta, Country Manager, Veolia Romania - Modern Solutions for Cogeneration and District Heating
Vasile Muntenita, President, Cogen Romania - Urban cogeneration between necessity and reality
 Adrian Balsanu, Country Sales Director, Bosch Termotehnica - Technology to support the Energy Efficiency targets for buildings
Prof. Cerna Mladin, President, Association of Auditors of Romania, Buildings and Energy Efficiency - Romania vs. Romania in the process of modernizing the buildings
Costin Ionescu, Regional Sales Manager, AB Energy - Cogeneration and bio-cogeneration with reciprocating engines – energy efficiency solution
14:00 - 14:45
Networking Lunch

14:45 - 16:00
Energy Efficiency programs - lighting

Moderator: Prof. Aureliu Leca - Executive Director ARPEE


Roxana Sunica, Marketing Director, Recolamp - Recycling of waste lamps in Romania - fulfilment of EU legal obligations
Prof. Stelian Matei, Scientific Director,Electromagnetica  - Implementing LED lighting contributes to the improvement of energy efficiency
Prof. Dorin Beu - President, Naional Lighting Commitee - The energetic evaluation of lighting
Dr. Andrei Ceclan, Servelect - The power of energy managers as leaders of efficiency
Catalin Dragostin, Director Energy-Serv - The queen of efficiency: Biomass cogeneration. In Romania: Cinderella

16:00 - 16:30
Closing Remarks

The Romanian Energy Efficiency Forum 2014 is a perfect networking platform that will create new ventures and investment opportunities in the area of sustainable and energy efficient program development.

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Ukraine has proposed to have 11% renewable energy by 2020

Ukrainian Energy Agency President Mr. Sergey Savchuk said at the European Energy Security Forum in Brussels, held in late September, as Ukraine has a target to provide renewable energy by 2020, 11% of the country's energy. Sergey Savchuk postponed new country programs that encourage them to cut dependence on Russian gas.

"We are open for cooperation and ready for a constructive dialogue and the implementation of specific initiatives. Ukrainian and foreign investors will always find a reliable partner in our agency" said Savchuk.

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