EC Study: EU states gave 122 billion euros for energy subsidies

EU states awarded grants worth 122 billion to their energy mix in 2012, a third of the aid being allocated to support renewable energy, according to AFP, citing a study published by the European Commission.

Commission mandated a study desk task to collect data from the Member States, she said.

The data are from 2012 and the report does not allow a comparison with the development aid in the coming years, she indicated. The study does not specify how much of the aid has had effects on the bill, said Marlene Holzner.

Nearly 41 billion was granted as state aid for renewable energy: 14.7 billion euros for solar, 11, 4 billion for the land wind, biomass 8.3 billion and 5.1 billion for hydropower, according to these data.

Nuclear sector received 6.9 billion euros of subsidies, the coal 10.1 billion, while the natural gas 5.1 billion euros. Instead, the aid for energy production from oil are very low.

The report states that Germany has allocated the highest energy state aid, amounting to 25.4 billion euros, of which a large part designed to support energy savings.

The other states are far behind, with 13.2 billion UK, Italy and Spain 10.3 billion and 7.2 billion France.

source : Agerpres

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