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30 businesses was launched and developed in the solid biofuel production with leasing program conducted by the Energy and Biomass Project 2012-2014. Agricultural entrepreneurs bought installations with money from European funds specially equipment for producing briquettes / pellets, shredding, baling and transportation of biomass. The equipment was provided on favorable terms, with payment over 3 years, 0% fee, 0% interest and 0% VAT.

One of the line of briquettes was launched in 2013 in Ghidighici by two doctors and an economist. Young entrepreneurs have launched into bioenergy sector, acquiring leased line briquetting.

"This year the business is well put on wheels by increased demand. Are times when we work almost non-stop to meet demands. People know the benefits of eco fuel and give priority against  coal. "says Roman Smolniţchi one of the founders of Ghidighici briquetting enterprise.

Biofuel market is growing rapidly in Moldova. In the past four years, the number of local producers of briquettes and pellets increased by 10 times, already exceeding the number of 100 technical capacity production lines briquettes and pellets already existing in Moldova can substitute coal imports amounted recent years about 150,000 tons, respectively, 400 million. lei ( over 21 million euro ) paid from the state budget.

"The European Union supports the development of bio-energy sector in Moldova through integrated steps. With investments offered through Energy and Biomass Project, 144 schools and kindergartens will enter in this winter with heating provided by biomass. Biofuel was purchased from local producers motivated to start businesses by increased demand and by programs development of biofuels production sector, launched by the project."said Nicholas Zacharias expert in business development at Energy and Biomass Project.

Energy and Biomass Project promotes the mandate and expertise to create a sustainable market for biofuel production and its use both in the public and in the residential. 500 families in villages and home towns in Moldova have installed biomass boilers with 1,300 euro EU grant funds.

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