Poland : Training for Renewable energy sources on farms

Institute for Renewable Energy (IEO) is the coordinator of the project first (free) Training for Installers in the project Ozer - Renewable energy sources on farms.

The training is aimed primarily info about micro installations installers of renewable energy sources, but also to companies, Institutions interested in the integration of  micro-installations, hybrid installation and installation of energy storage.

On 11.21.2014 in Warsaw, and end in 12/05/2014. Training will be in Olsztyn. Proposal of the training is to provide knowledge and skills to design and implementation specialized for different types of solutions for farms of different profiles of energy consumption and to provide practical information and knowledge about program. Also to inform about the basis of the current legal status of the operation of energy in the agriculture.

During the training will be discussed  the results of the installation already make and will be  determinate the relationship between the variables at the time of the energy needs and possibilities of  production with micro-installation.

To participate in the training as lecturers invited Representatives min.: Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Energy Regulatory Office, as well as part of the workshop Will Be Attended by invited farmers, as Representatives of Consumers installation services and consulting.

Participant Will Receive a Certificate of Completion of Training - micro installations integrator of Renewable Energy sources.

For more information visit http://ozerise.pl/pl/


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