Are ready the Romanian companies for Feed-In-Tariff ? Started the registrations for the RoEnergy Bucharest Trade Fair, V-th edition, in 6 - 8 May 2015

Organizers of the International Trade Fair RoEnergy Bucharest, the most important industry event of the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency from Romania, opened the registrations and campaign promotion  for the next RoEnergy edition in Bucharest , which will take place from 6 to 8 May 2015, at ROMAERO Hall, Baneasa, district  1, Bucharest.

Among  the main novelty is distinguished a more focused promotion on areas that make up the RoEnergy  portfolio: RoEnergy # SOLAR, RoEnergy # BIOMASS, RoEnergy # BIOGAS, RoEnergy # HYDROPOPWER, RoEnergy # WINDPOWER, RoEnergy # Energy Independence.

Besides the exhibition, under the RoEnergy "umbrella"  will be held a series of related events among which: conferences, roundtables, workshops, raffle, etc.
Are you active in solar, biomass, biogas, cogeneration, hydropower or wind energy?
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RoEnergy#SOLAR: photovoltaic systems up to 0.5 MW, PV parks operation and maintenance, energy storage, thermal systems, energy infrastructure, etc.

RoEnergy#BIOMASS: systems up to 0.5 MW, energy from waste, cogeneration, district heating solutions for municipalities, etc.

RoEnergy#BIOGAS: units power up to 0.5 MW, energy in farms, cogeneration, etc.

RoEnergy#HYDROPOWER: small hydropower up to 0.5 MW, energy independence solutions, refurbishments MHC, etc.

RoEnergy#WINDPOWER: systems up to 0.5 MW, wind farms operation & maintenance, energy infrastructure, etc.

From 2015, in Romania starts a new energy revolution

After the solar and wind farms boom, in Romania is expected to begin the real energy revolution: energy production in small plants for the own use, with the possibility of delivering  the excess energy into the grid. By the new subsidy system, called  feed-in tariff, the energy consumer turns into energy producer.

Arrived at the V-th edition, until presently, at each of preceding events, the RoEnergy Trade Fair brought together exhibitors from three continents (Europe, Asia and North America), along with experts, researchers, decision makers from RES industry, professional associations , government representatives, ministers, businessmen and media.

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How much a Sponsor position costs?

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RoEnergy Bucharest 2015 Themes

Trade Fair Themes (selection): solar, PV, thermal, bioenergy (biogas, biomass, biofuels, CHP), wind, small hydropower, energy efficiency, energy infrastructure.

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