Romania : Energy Efficiency Through Cogeneration

Econet Romania organises in collaboration with REECO, international trade fair and conference organiser for renewable energy all over Europe the International Conference - Energy Efficiency Through Cogeneration, on the 20th of November 2014 at the Palace Hall in Bucharest. The conference will focus on cogeneration in the energy and industry sector, offering information about the most important subjects as well as giving best practice examples. Between the experts you can find important companies as Steag, Siemens, Bosch that offer complex consulting for energy production, distribution and consumption and legal and financing advisers as TPA Horwath or RoSEFF.

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production, in one process, of thermal, electric and / or mechanic energy. The production of high efficient cogeneration achieves primary energy savings of at least 10% compared with the reference values for the separate production of electric and thermal energy.

Since 2009, to support high efficiency cogeneration process, a support scheme has been introduced in Romania that involves a bonus offered for each MWh of electric energy delivered in network. For getting benefits from the support scheme, producers of electric and thermal energy in high efficient cogeneration, have to ask the National Authority Regulation (ANRE). Manufacturers can benefit from this scheme until 2023, for a period not exceeding 11 consecutive years.

Producers of electric and thermal energy in cogeneration, from renewable energy sources are able to choose either this scheme, either a support scheme for the promotion of the electric energy produced from renewable energy sources.

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