Romania : Renewable energy and energy efficiency in greenhouses, solariums and zootechnics

Chamber of Commerce Romano-German (AHK Romania) is pleased to announce a project of the Romanian-German economic cooperation on "Renewable energy and energy efficiency in greenhouses, solariums and zootechnics."

Initiative project of Romanian-German economic cooperation and its funding from the Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy of Germany under the "Efficiency Made in Germany" and "Renewable Made in Germany".

The project includes the expansion of several German companies in Romania. In order to promote these companies in energy efficiency and renewable energies, their representatives will come in 24 to 28 November 2014 in Romania to support meetings with potential collaborators Romans.

In the delegation Chamber of Commerce and Industry will organize German Roman on November 25, 2014 in Bucharest a symposium on "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in greenhouses, solariums and zootechnics."

German companies participating in the delegation profiles and more information about the symposium will be published on the event will be available soon.

AHK Romania

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