Ukrainian PV market in 2013

Market in 2013 was under the new law from November 2012 when was defining the procedure and legal field from PV market in Ukraine.

The bigger projects under this law was :

- installed by Activ Solar - total capacity of 231.387 MW.

Locations: Odessa region: “Bolhrad Solar” 34.14 MW, “Limanskaya” 43.44 MW and “Priozernaya” 54.8 MW.
Mykolaiv region: "Voznessensk" 29.307 MW . Crimea region: “Mykolaivka”69.7 MW ( note ; under Russian occupation now )

- installed by Solarenergo - Kherson region : "Lazurnoye" 9,806 MW
- installed by Rengy Development ( Martifer Solar) - Vinnitsa region : "Tomashpil" - 4.5 MW and "Bershad" with 7 MW
- installed by Helios Energy & Bohorodchany - Ivano-Frankivsk region: "Radchevsky PV" - 2.8 MW
- installed by Solar Energy Plus - Transcarpathian region : "Irlyava" - 10.09 MW

PV power plants operating today in Ukraine there are over 1350 MW of PV projects in a different stages of construction. At end of August 2013 the total installed capacity of PV plants in the country reached 601.5 MW.

In Ukraine exist only tow factory : PJSC Semiconductor Plant ( Austrian Activ Solar ) how can make production of poly-silicon for photo-voltaic and Kvazar plant how are producers of pv modules.

Frimu Ghinea


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