Over 21 000 contracts was analyzed under the Green House Program in Romania

Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, the Environment Fund Administration, analyzed so far, 21,293 cases under the "Casa Verde 2011", out of 23,938 cases filed. Regarding the last 2597 project files submitted blocked in 2011, they will be analyzed by the end of the year. A total of 48 cases were canceled / withdrawn.

"There have already been signed 5094 contracts, of which 1,995 were sent to the AFM application for withdrawal. In addition, we are talking about 191 contracts for individuals who were settled in the amount of 1,145,342 lei and 2 contracts for businesses, worth 995,383 lei, "said former minister Minister Korodi.

Of the 21,293 cases analyzed, 16,937 were accepted and 4,556 rejected.

"As previously announced, this year complete all files from this program and create all the conditions to be able to start as early as the beginning of next year, a new session of projects. "Green House" should be reconsidered because the technologies developed and available solutions on the market, but still think this program is an optimal solution for the environment, reducing CO2 emissions and climate change, as well as energy efficiency, "added Korodi.

Frimu Ghinea

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