Fourth Edition EURO-Building, scheduled for May 18, 2015

Interest in the topics presented at the Third International Conference on Sustainable Construction and Energy Efficiency EURO-Construction (held in May 2014 in the Atlas Room Radisson Blu Hotel - Bucharest) was great, bringing together more than 300 audience specialists in the business.

As a result of this reality, publications Agenda Building and a new window will organize special event, scheduled on May 18, 2015, in Bucharest. In the note already established, symposia edition next year will run in parallel with the International Conference on Systems Joinery and EURO-window pane (seventh edition).

Thus, for the fourth consecutive year since this formula is developed, both events will be again a success both in terms of decision-makers of the most important companies in the construction, plumbing, carpentry and in related fields (meetings with officials from academia, designers, architects, etc.) and in terms of accuracy and timeliness of the topics to be addressed and integrated into the concept of sustainability and energy efficiency. Both events program (currently being developed) will be built to meet the demands of communication specialists in construction and related sectors, again the emphasis will be on building sustainable development initiatives and energy efficiency ensembles performing carpentry.

The event will be held, further, numerous national and international partners, including institutional. The fourth edition of the EURO-2015 Construction aims to bring together representatives of architects, contractors, manufacturers of building materials, energy auditors and, not least, officials of central and local authorities. During the event, in a festive, awards gala will be held EURO-Construction (second edition) and on this occasion the most significant companies active in the market will be handed out awards (trophies and awards for excellence) to promote development durable. These awards represent parts of the entire sector, thus highlighting the achievements of companies in the construction of energy efficient / sustainable.

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