Interest in PV in Poland

Recently, a survey was conducted in Polish society, in the name of RWE about the perception of production of electricity through photovoltaic panels.

21% admitted that he would be willing to invest in solar panels worth approx. 10 000 zł, especially if the value of the investments would recover in five years. Similarly, 21% of the respondents were opposed to investing in such devices and 50% of respondents indicated that they are not interested in such investment, 8% of respondents could not answer this question.

46% interested to investing in solar panels having income between 2501 and 4000 zł net (about 450-900 euro) per household per month. Another 21% of potential customers earn net income from 1501 to 2500 zł per family.

Most likely to buy solar panels as a person under 29 years old (23%). Less interest in such an investment is the age range 30-39 years (21%) and over 60 (21%). The other potential investors in solar panels are part of the age group 40-49 years (18%) and 50-59 years (17%).

81% of potential investors in solar panels expresses the tendency to invest through the lease, if it would cost about 1000 zł per year and if it has reduced by more than 1,000 zł electricity bills per year.

Investing in solar panels could be considered for people living in rural areas (51%) in villages of up to 20 000 people (15%) and in cities of over 200,000 inhabitants (15%).

59% of respondents expressed an interest to buy solar panels if you live in a detached house and 41% live in condominum.

Omnibus Survey was conducted by TNS Poland in 2014 on a representative sample of 1,000 Poles over 15 years.

Source: RWE Poland

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