CISOLAR-2015. Solar Energy of the South Caucasus, Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

CISOLAR-2015 is a unique communication platform for decision-makers and business representatives for the development of solar energy projects in the region. CISOLAR-2015 gathers top managers of companies in the energy sector, heads of regional departments of global industrial companies, heads of industry associations and organizations, senior representatives of the authorities in the field of renewable energy, international financial institutions, key international experts in the solar energy industry, key regional and international media enlightening the industry development.

Along with the conference, the exhibition representing solar energy industry achievements, solutions, technologies, equipment and services will take place in Baku. Also, the delegates of CISOLAR are welcomed to take part in the tour on solar energy plants in Azerbaijan and take part in the Business Matchmaking.


• State policy, present and future of solar energy industry in the region of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.
• What are the profitability of investment and financing pecularities of solar energy projects in Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.
• Practical experience of successful projects implementing in the countries of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia.
• Major trends in the global solar energy market and their impact on the local markets of the region.
• What is the role of solar energy in the future energy balance (energy mix) of Eastern Europe, South Caucasus and Central Asia regions?
• Solar energy as the way to provide independent power supply, as well as in the context of solving energy problems in mountain regions.
• Technological solutions for solar power plants in the field of solar thermal energy for the region.
• The mechanisms of state support and encouraging the development of solar energy industry
• Development of local production of the components for solar energy facilities as an opportunity to diversify the local industry and economic development of the region.
• The requirement of «local content» – is it worth to create barriers for the global players in the solar energy market?
• Features of interaction with the operators of solar power with grid companies, problem of connecting objects to the grid.

The exhibition is accompanying the CISOLAR 2015 conference at 16-17 April 2015, Grand Hotel Europe, Baku, Azerbaijan.

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