Solar Energy of Azerbaijan

In 2014, the share of renewable energy in Azerbaijan in total consumption has reached 2.3%. But till 2020 Azerbaijan is planning to bring the share of renewables in total energy consumption to 9.7%. The potential of solar power in Azerbaijan is estimated to 5000 MW. According to the national plan for the development of renewable energy industry, Azerbaijan is planning to increase the capacity of Photovoltaic up to 600 MW till 2020.

Solar thermal energy is considered as a promising direction, and until 2020, state officials predicting its capacity up to 350 MW. State Agency on Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources has announced the launch of a new state programme of renewable energy development. As part of this program, in 2015 it is planned to start a construction of new generating facilities with a total capacity of 300 MW.

The project will be focused on the generation of the main types of «green» energy. Despite significant hydrocarbon reserves, the government of Azerbaijan considers that it is very important to increase the share of solar, wind, geothermal waters, rivers and biogas from waste in energy system of the country. As for the end of September 2014, seven solar power plants are at the final stage of development, and for the next six months energy facilities construction will be started in Azerbaijan.

Frimu Ghinea

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