Euro Constructii Award 2015

Awards Ceremony of Construction Market & Construction equipment - EURO-2015 (EURO trophy Construction and / or Diploma of Excellence) - event now in its second edition - will held at the Radisson Blu Hotel Bucharest on 25 May 2015.

Judging is provided exclusively by members of the editorial magazine Agenda Building, selection and classification societies representative being achieved depending on the reputation, transparency, financial results, investments etc.

We aim to highlight the achievements of companies in the construction of energy efficient (sustainable), represented by the development of new products (such as suppliers), execution of buildings (entrepreneurs and business execution), development (architecture, engineering, consulting, financing etc. ) and organizational sector (associations, employers, institutions etc.).

The event - part of the Euro-Construction, 2015 (Fourth Edition) - is an optimal opportunity to reward excellence in the business of national companies that operate in the building and facilities.

Prizes are awarded annually EURO-construction.
- 8 main sections pool
- 24 Trophies EURO-Construction
- 16 Certificates of Excellence

Frimu Ghinea

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