Ukraine - a new energy efficiency program

Government of Ukraine announced a new energy efficiency program. This is meant to introduce compensation cost for thermal insulation of individual houses and residential blocks "amount of the award will be respectively 30% and 40%," said at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, April 8, Prime Minister of Ukraine, Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

 The total amount of funds involved in the program - UAH 1.57 billion (EUR 62.6 million).

This program will help around 134,000 families. "Want to change gas boiler, which is inefficient and costly, receive 20% of the budget compensated if you decide to buy another, but not gas. Are isolate an apartment - 30% of such costs, but not more than 10 thousand hryvnia (398 EUR). You isolate the block - 40% of the value for each apartment but not more than 10 thousand hryvnia, "said Arsenie Yatsenyuk.

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