Lukoil has problems with Romanian prosecutor

In the past five years, Lukoil Petrote l- recorded cumulative losses of 2.2 billion lei (0.48 billion euro), according to data from the Ministry of Finance. Petrotel - Lukoil refinery- was sold by the Romanian state in 1998 by the Russians of Lukoil with 53 million dollars. This is the third largest in Romania refinery with a capacity of 2.4 million tons annually.

In the middle of last week  initial charges of money laundering and tax evasion offenses were extensive use of credit in bad faith society and money laundering.

Beyond Andrey Bogdanov, general manager of the refinery, to judicial control preventive measure against five other employees of the unit, Andrew Duck, Dan Danulescu, Dorel Duţu, Yuri Erogov and Alexey Voinstev, the last two having Russian citizenship. Moreover, the prosecutors of the Court of Appeal Ploiesti extended precautionary measures, by attachment of immovable belonging to Lukoil Europe Holdings Bvatrium Netherlands up to EUR 2 billion.

In a press release states that the Prosecutor in Ploiesti refinery reimbursed under contracts Lukoil Europe by its majority shareholder Holdings BV Netherlands EUR 1.5 billion and EUR 0.5 billion credit refund justification.

Prosecutors conclusion is that the commercial policies refinery was under-capitalized, damage to the crime of bad faith use of the company's credit of 1.1 billion euros and 1.5 billion dollars. Another loss of 1.5 billion dollars and 0.5 billion has been brought to the crime of money laundering, prosecutors said.

Russia rejects the allegations made against them and say they hope to avoid obstacles that could affect the operation of the refinery.

Frimu Ghinea

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