ExpoEnergiE 2015 Bucharest

The fifth edition of ExpoEnergiE will take place within Hall C1 at Romexpo Exhibition Centre, between 14th and 17th of October 2015, in the same period with TIB Bucharest International Technical fair and INVENTIKA – Invention and innovation show.

ExpoEnergiE is an event dedicated to the energy market and the oil and gas industry, representing a networking platform for professionals in the field. ExpoEnergiE focuses on promoting the potential of these two industries, in order to attract investors.

The event gathers under the same roof the most important players in the market that will exhibit the latest products and technologies, offering to visitors the opportunity to be informed on the novelties of this market, to purchase products and services or to negotiate directly with suppliers. ExpoEnergiE is addressed to producers and distributors of conventional energy, renewable energy, technologies and equipment for oil and gas industry.

European background
• Europe 2020 Strategy aims to increase the share of renewable sources from the total energy mix to at least 20% until the year 2020;
• The Roadmap 2050 Project, funded by the European Commission, where "Romania has a key role to play. Romania needs to modernize and improve energy efficiency with the support of the European Union, as it is one of the main actors in securing supplies of Europe - a cornerstone of the future European strategy." - Philip Lowe, General Manager for Energy in the European Commission, Hotnews interview;
• Energy efficiency is one of the important sections in the European energy policy and one of the main targets of the Europe 2020 Strategy;
• As reported by Transelectrica (1/23/2014 edition) for the Romanian newspaper “Ziarul Financiar” (Financial Newspaper), in Romania during the last three months of 2013 the hydropower production decreased, but was offset by electricity generated by thermal power plants and wind farms.
• Romania's involvement in the development of the Southern Corridor gas pipeline system;
• In 2012, "the ten largest oil companies active in the local market have run businesses of almost 12.6 billion Euros, with 2.5 billion higher than in 2010" (Source: the Romanian economic magazine "ZF Energie" – ZF Energy).

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