Solar Quarter in Bucharest

Solar Quarter, a total investment of 45 million euro, will be the first residential project in Romania. Quartier has photovoltaic solar panels to generate green energy. The 1,800 solar panels located on the roof blocks will produce over 600MWh / year.

Located in the south of the city, the project will have a total area of ​​over 61,000 square meters and will include 15 residential buildings in height basement + ground + five floors with a total of 1,000 apartments with one, two and three rooms.

The first phase of construction includes four buildings with a total of 296 apartments and arranging walkways and seating areas, with the completion date of the end of December 2015. Each block of the complex will be equipped with a power generation system composed of 120 photovoltaic solar panels placed in six rows each with 20 panels and an inverter.

Source : National

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