7th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania

After several years of growth and innovation, the PV Industry is facing another challenging period, with shifting market dynamics from large scale projects to small and medium systems.  The Law on Renewable Energy Sources adopted in June 2015 provides opportunities for the development of photovoltaics in Romania.

Legislation (mainly law 122/2015) on regulated tariffs for small renewable players (feed-in tariff) opens new opportunities for small projects, including PV and could enter into force latest October 2015. The support scheme will be approved for projects less than 500 KW. Regulation tariffs should come into force October 2015.

All these aspects, such as procedures for the various stages of PV systems investment process, and the introduction of  a quality mark for installation companies, will be among the topics discussed  during the 7th International Conference - Solar Energy in Romania. Thanks to active participation, the conference participants will be able to take part in creating and promoting good practices connected to the PV systems installation.

09:30 Registration & Welcome coffee
10:00 Welcome Greetings
Johann-Georg RÖHM, CEO REECO GmbH International, Germany
10:15 Opening Session
Key notes on the local market
Ciprian GOLDEANU, President of Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association, Romania

Session I: The Future of Photovoltaics in Romania

European Union Policy towards Renewable Energy
Pierre DECHAMPS, European Commission*

Prospects for photovoltaics in Romania 2020
Zoltan NAGY-BEGE, ANRE, Romania

Status of the legislation process on amendaments to the Law of Renewable Energy
Anca BUJOR, Adviser to the Ministry of Energy, Romania*

Trade Fair Guided Tour

Networking Lunch
Session II: Support of PV development in Romania

Connecting the PV installation to the grid-legal and technical aspects
Ioan FAUR, Vice president of Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

The current legal, administrative procedures and permits

European Funds and Photovoltaics

Connection of PV systems from the point of view of distribution system operator

Session III: Towards the sustainable growth of the PV market in Romania

Certification of installers for PV systems
Florin MIHAILOV, Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

Experience of PV installers when coming connecting to the grid
Ioan FAUR, Vice president of Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

Microinstallation Certification Program
Online monitoring of small and medium installations
Future solar storage systems

16:45  Questions and Conclusions
17:00  End of the conference

Ioan FAUR, Vice president of Romanian Electricians Association-AREL, Romania

Palace Hall in Bucharest
Ion Campineanu Street, No.28, District 1, Bucharest

more info on http://www.renexpo-bucharest.com/solar-energy-conference.html

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