Renewable Energy Career Forum

The Renewable Energy Career Forum will take place to support students, graduates and young professionals who are looking for a job in the energy sector or just want to learn and inform themselves about certain projects presented by representatives from important companies in the area or on the opportunity to participate on different programs or trainings to help them to have a successful career in the energy sector.

For students, graduates and young professionals: 
A good planning to become active in this sector is the key to a successful career. Participants will be able to attend the presentation of study plans of faculties in the field, interact with various companies in the energy sector and discuss with their representatives. The event will be a unique opportunity for them to get in contact with managers and key persons from the industry and find out the opportunities to participate to different trainings and what are the requirements and specific jobs that companies offer them and for which they can apply in the future.

For energy companies:
The participating companies will have the opportunity to present their activity and recruit interested personall. They will be able to present their vacancies and explain with details the requirements needed to occupy this jobs.

The forum is a connection point between these parties and its target is to guide young people to a successful career in the field, supporting the development of the participating companies and the education system in this sector.

Location: Palace Hall in Bucharest, Romania
Language: Romanian

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