Renewable energy in Romania

A study publish by Coface shows that Romania has made considerable progress in terms of the share of renewable in final energy consumption at the national level.

"In 2013, according to Eurostat, it increased to 24%, 50% more than the level recorded 10 years ago, being above average for the EU (29) and 15% respectively. However, Romania is far behind countries such as Sweden or Norway, only registering a share of over 50%, "says Coface.

Local production of wind power stations in the period January-August 2015 was 4728.8 mln. KWh, increasing by 1783.0 mln. KWh compared to the same period last year, and photovoltaic solar energy produced in the mentioned period was 1510.2 mln. kWh, up by 536.7 mil. KWh compared to the corresponding period of 2014.

Frimu Ghinea

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