RENEXPO®BiH 2015 offers the perfect occasion to show foreign experts and visitors as well as to the Bosnian experts and public the achievements of energy efficiency in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far. Deutsche Gesellschaft für International Zusammenarbeit GmBH (GIZ) / German International Cooperation is therefore organizing together with the main partners from government, institutions and private sector three events in the course of RENEXPO®:

1. House of Energy Efficiency as part of the fair and exhibition;
2. Energy Efficiency Conferences as a side programme of the fair (2 days);
3. Building Typology Exhibition as a side programme organized by GIZ in cooperation with four faculties from Sarajevo and Banja Luka.

Advantage for this year’s exhibitors of the RENEXPO®BiH 2015 fair is specially organized guided tour through fair ground with thematic topic focus on insulation, heating/cooling, building typology, public lighting and lighting in buildings, government policy implementation, etc. on the second day of the fair.

Topics 2015: 
* Energy efficiency: meet the Bosnian architects and engineers in B2B meetings
* Exhibition: Energy Efficiency Building Typology
* House of Energy Efficiency
* Energy Efficiency Conference
* Training for architects and engineers
* Bosnian Biomass Cogeneration Expert-Exchange
* Geothermal Municipality Day
* Small Hydropower Expert Exchange - Expert Teams from Montenegro, Serbia, BiH and Croatia
* Climate Diplomacy - 2 Day program
* Exhibitor evening reception
* Investors Business Lounge - more than 100 available projects and concessions are presented to exhibitors and investors (Wind Power, Hydro Power, Photovoltaic, Biomass, Geothermal, Biogas, Energy Efficiency, Lighting / Street Lighting)

The RENERGY AWARD in three categories - Outstanding Personality, Outstanding Technology and international Performance in Bosnia and Herzegovina will close the ceremony, which is followed by a VIP cocktail and trade fair tour.

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