ROSENC Cluster supports the consortium of GFA Consulting Group, Sociedade Portuguesa de traid GmbH and Inovação: SPI within the project “EU Gateway to China”, which will be implemented starting January 2016. The project objective is to facilitate the entry of EU Companies in the Chinese market, mainly SMEs from the Green and Clean Technology sector.

EU Gateway provides to companies countless opportunities and an unique set of services:

Business opportunities in promising markets
Identify potential business partners
Raise the visibility of their brand with an official European Union mission
Learn about current and future trends
Receive immediate feedback on products and technologies
Minimise the costs typically required to enter a new market
Make new contacts and strengthen your network
Discuss challenges and opportunities with other industry players
Benefit from professional coaching and follow-up at all stages
Receive logistical and financial support

EU Gateway is an EU-funded initiative helping European SMEs to establish long-lasting business collaborations in difficult markets abroad. EU Gateway  business missions act as entry ticket to markets which offer important opportunities for EU companies and which are at the same time difficult to penetrate, for example due to differences in business culture or regulatory requirements.

During the last EU Gateway cycle (2008-2014), 46 business missions have been organised to Japan and Korea with tangible results for the 1 500 participating companies – 83% found the business mission highly useful to increase their market understanding, 64% established business collaborations, 30% saw their revenue grow following the mission.

For more detailes visit http://www.eu-gateway.eu/home

Source: Luiza Apetrei, ROSENC

Energy Award 2015

RENERGY Award was given for the fourth time in the RENEXPO® SOUTH-EAST EUROPE. The prize was awarded in three categories this time, a remarkable personality, innovative technology and a foreign investor. For a remarkable winner was Mr. Prof. Dr. Eng. Virgil MUŞATESCU - at CNR-CME, for an innovative technology company was awarded Evinox Energy Ltd. in the UK and the award category was awarded to foreign investors Global Hydro Energy by Austrian company GmbH.  

Oscars 2015 Energy Awards Gala

Oscars 2015 Energy Awards Gala highest annual event held dedicated energy industry in Romania, designed for managers and top professionals, multinationals, domestic companies, independent companies, government officials and regulators in these tasks.
The event focuses on the recognition and celebration of Romania's performance in the energy industry, providing 9 awards for outstanding results during the last 12 months. Projects are analyzed by an independent jury composed of 8 members (Havrileţ Niculae - ANRE president, Bogdan Widow -partener KPMG, Roberto Musneci - partner Musneci Serban & Associates, Radu Dudău - co-founder and director EPG, Iulian Iancu - President of CNR -CMe, Sergiu Sebes - President CSR Nest Association, Farrukh Khan - Partner Deloitte Romania, Lucian Anghel - Pensions BCR CEO and President of BSE) which examines each application based on three fundamental principles: success, impact, innovation.
Awards Energy Oscars 2015 enjoys the support and confidence of reputable institutions and professional associations in the field of domestic energy, including WEC, COGEN, CRE, EPG, RBSTA, ROGBC ROPEPCA, RPIA, RWEA UPG and the Aspen Institute Romania.
Oscars Energy Project is largely self-financed, proposed and organized by Wing Media Energy Consulting through energynomics.ro and its partners: ALD Automotive, BCR Pensions, CEZ Romania, Chivas, Electrica, Hidroelectrica, Hunt Oil, ROPEPCA, Kyocera, LeasePlan, Nuclearelectrica, Sarto, Schneider Electric Romania, Emerson Ridge Tools, SGS Romania, WU Executive Academy.

In this year will be held at National Library of Romania, Bucharest on 3 December 2015.

Frimu Ghinea

Energy Efficiency in the Industrial Sector of Moldova.

The industrial sector is one of three main energy consumers with 12.5% in the country energy consumption (2013 year) following residential sector (41.5%) and transport sector (28.5%). Industrial Energy Efficiency represents a key element of a country's energy security strategy as the cost-effective measure with financial, economic, social and environmental benefits to meet their rapidly increasing energy demand. The energy balance of industry in 2013 year is related to coal energy (21.4%), natural gas (22.6%), electricity (29.2 %) and thermal heat (20.2%). The rest of energy come from oil products (6.2%) and the energy of biomass and waste fuel (0.4%).  [BNS report]

The priority policies and actions sets by National Energy Efficiency Program (NEEP ) shall be implemented during 2011-2020 in order to meet the challenges emerged as a result of energy prices increase, dependency on imported energy resources and the impact of the energy sector on climate change. The sector of energy import has the value of 94.8% in the country energy balance in 2013 year. Increased energy efficiency should lead to reduced dependency on imports and could have significant financial benefits on national budgets.

General objectives for industrial sector targeted by NEEP:
 - investment stimulation in energy-efficient equipment;
 - promotion of energy-efficient technologies;

Implementation of the NEEP shall be ensured through National Energy Efficiency Action Plan (NEEAP ) and National Renewable Energy Action Plan (NREAP), to be newly approved every three years. The Energy Strategy of Moldova until 2030 year and National Development Strategy „Moldova 2020" include deep economic analysis and targets for energy efficiency:
- reducing the primary energy consumption by 20% until 2020;
- increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the overall energy balance up to 20% in 2020;
- increasing the share of biofuels to at least 10% in the total amount of fuels used in 2020;
- reducing the GHG emissions by 25% until 2020.

The general benefits from energy efficiency measures in industry are:
- increasing productivity and profitability;
- increasing of competitiveness;
- reduced impact of industrial activities on the environment and the climate
- reduced losses in energy transportation and distribution;
- implementation of energy efficiency EU standards and best-practices;
- increased public awareness about energy efficiency;
- support of country's Gas Emanation Reduction and energy security goals.

Over the last decade Moldovan industry has achieved significant improvements in terms of energy efficiency and productivity but substantial economically attractive opportunities certainly remain. The International Energy Agency estimates in about 30% the average economically feasible energy savings in global industry; energy savings that would be mainly achievable through the wide dissemination and adoption of existing best-available commercial energy efficiency practices and technologies.

source AEE.md


BUILDING EDUCATION BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FORUM is an innovative project of inter-professional communication, a unique meeting of the architectural profession with the educational ones, a partnership aiming to achieve a higher quality educational environment in Romania.

The event aims to become a platform for communication, direct meetings, networking and continuous dialogue for a higher quality educational environment in Romania.

BUILDING EDUCATION BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FORUM promotes professional values, models and roles, inter-professional dialogue, professional leadership and best practices, having as main objective the creation of a partnership aimed at achieving a higher quality educational environment.

The first edition of the forum will take place on March 3rd 2016 and will explore four main dimensions of the concept of "building education": 1. Educational Environment and Educating the Environment, 2. Educational Leadership and Management: Best Practices, 3. Modernization and Reconversion of the Educational Environment: Examples 4. Private Educational Environment: Case Studies.

The forum is addressed to the leaders of the professions, education managers, decision makers and investors in education, providers of solutions and technology for a high quality educational environment.

BUILDING EDUCATION BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL FORUM 2016 will bring together 200 guests and international speakers.

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8th Energy + Efficiency Fair and Conferences Comes Earlier!

Now 17th + 18th of November

Due to the tragic event that took place in a Bucharest nightclub on Friday - 31st of October, where 32 people died and others 184 were injured, the management of the Palace Hall was informed by ISU (General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations) that new fire protecting regulations does not allow them to let RENEXPO be organised on November 18th - 20th. in Palace Hall.

Following this no risk policy, Palace Hall offered two new dates where no other events but RENEXPO would take place. As the best of all options we, exhibitors, conference partners and us, decided to change the date of RENEXPO to November 17th and 18th. and to reduce the running time from 3 to 2 days.

Thank you for your understanding and supporting us and Romania in this unique situation.

See you soon in Palace Hall in Bucharest

Your RENEXPO South East Europe Team


Availon announces record year with additional 620MW wind assets under contract

Availon, the leading multi-brand independent service provider for wind turbines, announced today a record year for the company, with the addition to its global portfolio of 620MW of wind turbine generators under operation & maintenance (O&M) contracts. Mature European markets such as Germany, Spain and Italy, which have a great number of wind farms coming out of warranty, represent the lion's share of Availon’s recent performance.

“This year, we have so far added 390 wind turbine generators to our existing fleet. Compared to the previous year, which was also very strong, this means a 20% growth. The base of our success is not only the broad range of services and turbine types that we cover, but also the fact that asset owners see, that we are able to offer a flexible and very reliable service to get the highest availability and energy yield.", commented CEO, Ulrich Schomakers.

Availon has built its competitive advantage by consistently adding new turbine models to its offering. The company is for instance the first ISP able to offer full service O&M contract for Gamesa wind turbine technology in the world. “What is really new here is that many of the newly contracted wind turbine generators have been manufactured by Gamesa. The capital we invested in building up a state-of-the-art expertise in Gamesa turbine technology is really paying off", explained Schomakers.

A significant increase in new O&M contracts was also recorded for GE and Vestas turbines, which still make up for the majority of turbines under contract at Availon. Further, the average age of turbines under contract has dropped because more and more wind farm owners decide to change from OEMs to Availon as soon as the warranty ends.

This trend is set to continue. MAKE Consulting forecasted a 10% growth, on average, per year, over the next six years in its Global Wind Turbine O&M 2014 report.  “Customers, banks and insurers know that Availon is an attractive alternative to the turbine manufacturers for aftermarket service, and push even for a switch over. There will be plenty of opportunities available to us in the booming O&M market and we are well positioned to take full advantage of them”, concluded Global Sales Manager, Michael Richter.

Greenpeace: Romania could cover 84% of energy from renewable sources in 2050

A new study Greenpeace Romania aims to facilitate access to those interested in available funding sources for investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency to information and resources in a timely manner.

Greenpeace Romania supports the transition to an energy future built around renewable resources, with reduced negative impact on the environment, health and economy, and friendly environment. Greenpeace studies show that Romania has great potential for generating renewable energy: in 2050, Romania could cover 84% of energy from sun, wind, thermal, etc. This transition involves efforts and political commitment at the highest decision making implemented through strategies, legislation and funding. However, the transition to clean energy has large implications at local and individual level through the implementation of photovoltaic or wind for consumption at household, community farm.

"We want investment in clean energy sources and reducing consumption become a phenomenon spread across the country at all levels: from household equipment to equip institutions and companies. The will be more such investments, so they will be more accessible and easier to implement. It is important to show that the pioneering phase is nearing completion and that the land for large-scale investment is already prepared. ", Said Ionut Cepraga, Campaigns Coordinator of Greenpeace Romania.

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Belgrade Fair organizes this year, on October 14 – 16, the 11th International Fair of Electric Power, Coal, Gas and Oil, Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency ENERGY 2015 and 12th International Fair of Environment and Natural Resource Protection ECOFAIR 2015.

The exhibiting is carried out through international exhibitions and commodity groups, which saves time of visitors and enables a comparison of the displayed exhibit advantages and extends the opportunity to the exhibitors to achieve their desired marketing objectives.

Special presentations of individual exhibitors of businessmen groups, as regarding their marketing, along with B2B meetings, press conferences, video and demonstrational facilities, appropriate cocktail parties and similar – in the rooms intended for such purpose at Belgrade Fair – are also a traditional way of using the Fair days for development of lively business activities during the October Green Energy Days at Belgrade Fair.

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