ROSENC Cluster supports the consortium of GFA Consulting Group, Sociedade Portuguesa de traid GmbH and Inovação: SPI within the project “EU Gateway to China”, which will be implemented starting January 2016. The project objective is to facilitate the entry of EU Companies in the Chinese market, mainly SMEs from the Green and Clean Technology sector.

EU Gateway provides to companies countless opportunities and an unique set of services:

Business opportunities in promising markets
Identify potential business partners
Raise the visibility of their brand with an official European Union mission
Learn about current and future trends
Receive immediate feedback on products and technologies
Minimise the costs typically required to enter a new market
Make new contacts and strengthen your network
Discuss challenges and opportunities with other industry players
Benefit from professional coaching and follow-up at all stages
Receive logistical and financial support

EU Gateway is an EU-funded initiative helping European SMEs to establish long-lasting business collaborations in difficult markets abroad. EU Gateway  business missions act as entry ticket to markets which offer important opportunities for EU companies and which are at the same time difficult to penetrate, for example due to differences in business culture or regulatory requirements.

During the last EU Gateway cycle (2008-2014), 46 business missions have been organised to Japan and Korea with tangible results for the 1 500 participating companies – 83% found the business mission highly useful to increase their market understanding, 64% established business collaborations, 30% saw their revenue grow following the mission.

For more detailes visit http://www.eu-gateway.eu/home

Source: Luiza Apetrei, ROSENC

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