Greenpeace: Romania could cover 84% of energy from renewable sources in 2050

A new study Greenpeace Romania aims to facilitate access to those interested in available funding sources for investment in renewable energy and energy efficiency to information and resources in a timely manner.

Greenpeace Romania supports the transition to an energy future built around renewable resources, with reduced negative impact on the environment, health and economy, and friendly environment. Greenpeace studies show that Romania has great potential for generating renewable energy: in 2050, Romania could cover 84% of energy from sun, wind, thermal, etc. This transition involves efforts and political commitment at the highest decision making implemented through strategies, legislation and funding. However, the transition to clean energy has large implications at local and individual level through the implementation of photovoltaic or wind for consumption at household, community farm.

"We want investment in clean energy sources and reducing consumption become a phenomenon spread across the country at all levels: from household equipment to equip institutions and companies. The will be more such investments, so they will be more accessible and easier to implement. It is important to show that the pioneering phase is nearing completion and that the land for large-scale investment is already prepared. ", Said Ionut Cepraga, Campaigns Coordinator of Greenpeace Romania.

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