Oscars 2015 Energy Awards Gala

Oscars 2015 Energy Awards Gala highest annual event held dedicated energy industry in Romania, designed for managers and top professionals, multinationals, domestic companies, independent companies, government officials and regulators in these tasks.
The event focuses on the recognition and celebration of Romania's performance in the energy industry, providing 9 awards for outstanding results during the last 12 months. Projects are analyzed by an independent jury composed of 8 members (Havrileţ Niculae - ANRE president, Bogdan Widow -partener KPMG, Roberto Musneci - partner Musneci Serban & Associates, Radu Dudău - co-founder and director EPG, Iulian Iancu - President of CNR -CMe, Sergiu Sebes - President CSR Nest Association, Farrukh Khan - Partner Deloitte Romania, Lucian Anghel - Pensions BCR CEO and President of BSE) which examines each application based on three fundamental principles: success, impact, innovation.
Awards Energy Oscars 2015 enjoys the support and confidence of reputable institutions and professional associations in the field of domestic energy, including WEC, COGEN, CRE, EPG, RBSTA, ROGBC ROPEPCA, RPIA, RWEA UPG and the Aspen Institute Romania.
Oscars Energy Project is largely self-financed, proposed and organized by Wing Media Energy Consulting through energynomics.ro and its partners: ALD Automotive, BCR Pensions, CEZ Romania, Chivas, Electrica, Hidroelectrica, Hunt Oil, ROPEPCA, Kyocera, LeasePlan, Nuclearelectrica, Sarto, Schneider Electric Romania, Emerson Ridge Tools, SGS Romania, WU Executive Academy.

In this year will be held at National Library of Romania, Bucharest on 3 December 2015.

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