Ukraine will join to International Renewable Energy Agency

A draft decree of the President of Ukraine to join the International Renewable Energy Agency Statute was approved by the Government on January 20, 2016.

Ukraine's participation in IRENA is to obtain loans for renewable energy projects. Today, the fund has provided loans worth 98 million US dollars for 11 projects. With the accession of Ukraine will have access to information on renewable energy, the results of the latest research and best practices. Ukraine will also have access to the information available to IRENA, including progressive financing mechanisms for renewable energy.

International Agency for Renewable Energy (hereinafter - IRENA) was established in 2011.
- Develop national programs for the introduction of technologies using renewable energy sources;
- Support for education, training and dissemination of information on renewable energy;
- Organised training of managers, technicians and specialists for small and medium sized energy companies;
- A joint creation of research, regional development and exchange of experience;
- Evaluation and analysis of information on advanced technologies and develop practical recommendations;
- Financial planning programs on renewable energy;
- Data collection and compilation of statistics.

IRENA have currently 145 countries.

Frimu Ghinea

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