Slovakia - second round 3216 bills

The second round of the  National GreenProject has3216 bills. As a result of interest agency raised funds up to EUR 7 million. The programme offers an average of about 30% support. In the first round it was issued about 4,000 of tickets, around  30 per day. Until now there were nearly 600 contractors.

Statistics of tickets is as follows
- 1316 for solar thermal collectors falt and vacuum
- 1129 for photovoltaic installations
- 231 for biomass boilers
- 540 for heat pumps

Tikets value is 350 euro / KW to max system of 20KW and 450 euro / KW for systems over 20KW. maximum value of support is o 1750 EUR/ family for thermal solar panels but depends by Solarkeymark certified characteristics of the products.

Mihai Vintila

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