Ukraine has all preconditions for the dynamic development of bioenergy

It was reported by the Head of the SAEE Sergiy Savchuk at the general meeting of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine which took place on January 28, 2016.

He stressed that due to the work of the Bioenergy Association of Ukraine the domestic bioenergy sector was developing dynamically.
"Today, taking into account the results we have and the attention of the Government, the Parliament, the media to this sector, it may be noted that the bioenergy sector in Ukraine has become not only the driver of achievements in economy, but also the category of energy market players who are being considered. The proof is that in 2014 thanks to investment in bioenergy the total capacity of alternative fuels boilers reached 452 MW. The statistics of 2015 shows the additional capacity of 751.5 MW", - said Sergiy Savchuk. He also added that all key performance indicators demonstrated the laid foundation for the further development of this sector and access to the European level.

"Europe, America, China, Japan show enormous growth rates of renewable energy. If we talk about biomass, it is used both in electricity and heat in all the above-mentioned countries", - noted the Head of the Agency. He also said that the Agency was open and ready for active cooperation.

Summing up the speech the Head wished a productive work to all participants of the meeting.

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