Romania: Government give money for Green House program

3/31/20160 comentarii

"Green House Program " on the installation of heating systems using renewable energy, including replacing or supplementing traditional heating systems for individuals, started in 2011. This program was allocated 44.5 million lei ( 9.8 million euro) to finance contracts in force and 94.7 million lei ( 21.04 million euro ) for new contracts. The amounts allocated for this year is estimated that about 15,500 individuals will receive funding. For comparison, in the period 2011 - 2015, about 25,000 individuals have received funding through this program.

"Green House" is complemented by "Casa Verde Plus" ( Green House Plus) for which they were allocated 45 million lei ( 10 million euro), which will be financed from environmentally friendly materials, green roof systems, systems for efficient use of resources and others.

The "Integrated water supply, sewerage, sewage treatment plants" in which there is ongoing contracts until 2018. For this program were allocated 275.5 million lei ( 61.2 million euro) this year for payments under contracts existing.

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