Just a year ago at CARBON EXPO, we anticipated “COP 21” in Paris and wondered if it would offer a home for the carbon markets of the future? Beginning with the King of Spain and echoed by CEOs, Ministers, multilateral development banks, entrepreneurs and financiers, we heard a strong, clear message that carbon pricing was essential to giving the right investment signals to business – and for reaching the high ambitions of a 2° C limitation.

World leaders heard that call. In Paris, they achieved a major breakthrough in international policy, and the momentum continues to build. But we all know the challenges. The ambitions in the Paris Agreement will only become reality if business responds positively – and if governments establish robust plans to implement their Nationally Determined Contributions.

CARBON EXPO 2016 will take stock of the Paris Agreement and examine the future possibilities:
You’ll learn that the hard work of establishing national and subnational carbon trading policies in new places has begun – such as in China, Canada and the United States

Efforts are also underway to strengthen existing markets in the European Union, Korea, Japan and California

Negotiators are meeting these days in Bonn to discuss a work-plan for the new Article 6 emissions mitigation mechanism and accounting system, so that they can be operational soon

Extending beyond the Paris Agreement, the International Civil Aviation Organization is hard at work on a global market-based mechanism for the aviation industry, due to be agreed later this year in October.

In short – action is well underway under the Paris Agreement and beyond. That means new business opportunities are on the horizon for those who can combine technology, finance and market solutions. That’s what CARBON EXPO 2016 is all about.

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